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Who is Taz Hayes?

Police Chief Keith Humphrey was placed on leave in accordance with Little Rock Police Department guidelines for shootings involving officers on Saturday, the day after he shot and seriously wounded 22-year-old Kelecia Mayo while attempting to Shoot down suspected shooter Taz Hayes. , 29.

A dramatic video showed a woman arguing with a man before smashing a car window with a phone. A second woman, said to be Hayes, then runs to the shot and opens fire, but hits no one.

Humphrey, who was on patrol as part of a “hands-on” initiative, is said to have struck Mayo moments later.

“ On New Years Eve, Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey initiated a patrol approach with all hands on deck just as he did in the past and required command personnel to patrol the city ” ‘Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. tweeted late Saturday.

“While he was on patrol, Chief Humphrey saw a disturbance which, unfortunately, led to a shooting,” Scott confirmed.


Chief Humphrey also fired his gun at the alleged shooter and, as is common practice in a shootout involving officers, he has been placed on administrative leave.

“This is an unprecedented situation because it involves our police chief,” he added, noting that the Arkansas State Police is now investigating the incident.

Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey was suspended after he shot and wounded a 22-year-old woman while trying to bring down an alleged shooter on Friday.


Taz Hayes, 29, was arrested for footage that reportedly shows her firing a gun on New Year’s Eve. Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey has been suspended from his job after opening fire on Hayes and beating another woman.


The city has now asked state police to investigate both the initial fight and Humphrey’s response in an effort to remain “accountable, clear and transparent,” Scott tweeted.

State police investigators have already recovered a bullet from a vehicle in the parking lot and will examine it to determine if it was fired by Humphrey, reports the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Once the investigation is complete, state police investigators will forward their findings to a state attorney who will determine whether Humphrey’s use of force was consistent with Arkansas law.

Meanwhile, Assistant Principal Crystal Haskins will temporarily serve as the city’s chief of police.

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