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Teagan Leonhart Wiki

                                  Teagan Leonhart Biography

Who is Teagan Leonhart ?

A California high school teacher was arrested Wednesday after allegedly teaching her students while drunk, high and high on prescription drugs.

Terra Linda High School teacher Teagan Leonhart, 46, of San Anselmo, was booked into the Marin County Jail for public intoxication and child endangerment after a school administrator called police to report that an instructor was under the influence at 11:51 am.

The police took her out of the classroom and interviewed her. She initially denied drinking that morning, but she admitted to drinking after a breathalyzer test showed a blood alcohol content of at least 0.24 percent, police said.

Before she was taken out, Leonhart taught 53 students in her classroom that day, police said.

She was booked into the Marin County Jail and has since been released: The school administration told DailyMail.com that Leonhart is now on paid administrative leave.

Arrested and Charged

“A school employee alerted a school administrator who believed a teacher was under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” San Rafael Police Department Lt. Dan Drink told KRON4.

Leonhart was taken to Marin County Jail, but does not appear to be in custody there currently, according to jail records.

Terra Linda Principal Katy Dunlap told DailyMail.com that Leonhart on paid administrative leave after the incident.

‘The administrator went to the classroom where the teacher, Teagan Leonhart, was teaching. The administrator saw that Leonhart was showing signs of intoxication and removed her from the classroom.

When questioned by officers, Leonhart allegedly denied drinking alcohol before going to class, police said. But a breathalyzer test revealed the English teacher’s blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit for driving a car.

“When she was confronted with the test results, [Leonhart] admitted to consuming some alcohol that morning,” Fink said.

Fink said the San Rafael officer, who is a certified drug recognition expert, determined that Leonhart was not only drunk, but also under the influence of marijuana and prescription medication.

“It was the opinion of the DRE officer that, due to his level of intoxication, Leonhart could not provide for the safety of the children while they were in her classroom.”


Leonhart has been teaching at Terra Linda High for ten years, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Earlier this month, she asked her friends on Facebook for sci-fi and fantasy recommendations for a unit in her classroom, and said she was inviting an author who wrote a book about ‘lesbian gunfighters in space’ to speak. with their pupils.

“I’m doing this because I think kids will love it, and I want to know more about these genres,” she wrote.

‘I knew a woman whose daughter wrote and published (at 24) a novel about ‘lesbian guns in space’. I hope you get in. So… that’s a good example of my search.

Teagan Leonhart Quick and Facts

  • Terra Linda High School teacher Teagan Leonhart, 46 was arrested Wednesday after ‘teaching her students while drunk, stoned and high on prescription meds’ 
  • A school employee told a school administration that the English teacher was intoxicated, police said, and police were called
  • Initially she denied drinking – but her BAC was three times the legal limit for driving, police said, and she admitted to consuming alcohol in the morning
  • By the time police were called around 11.50 am, Leonhart had taught 53 students in a series of morning classes – now, she is on paid administrative leave 
  • Leonhart taught at Terra Linda High for 10 years and was planning to have the author of a novel featuring ‘lesbian gunslingers in space’ come speak to her class

Source: wikisoon

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