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Dr. David Biglari Wiki

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Who was Dr. David Biglari?

Dr. David Biglari, a longtime friend of sisters Dr. Lila Ammouri, 54, and nurse Susan Frazier, 49, said he and others were concerned when they didn’t hear from the duo for a week after who arrived in Basel, Switzerland, on February 3

Then on February 10, just a day before the sisters took their own lives in what is likely Basel’s Pegasos assisted suicide clinic, Biglari said one of the sisters’ co-workers had received a strange message. .

He was like, ‘Hey! I’m sorry you needed surgery. I hope your (sic) pain is under control. I’m currently in Europe on a little vacation.’

Bilgari, associate director of the cardiology program at the University of Arizona, told Fox 10 that the misspelled “you are” was one of several messages in which he and his colleagues believed the person on the other end of the phone was not was actually one of the sisters

“Some of the text messages they had, we’re sure weren’t from them,” Biglari said, as he and others initially believed the sisters were kidnapped when they didn’t show up for work on Feb. 15. “Most likely they were made up.” with someone else.’

A Swiss government source told DailyMail.com on Wednesday:

A Swiss government source told DailyMail.com on Wednesday: “The two American ladies died on February 11.

‘It has been reported that they died later than this, but this is not correct. It was on Friday in the canton Basel-Landschaft for a legally assisted suicide.

“They died on the same day and the times were close, if not at the same time.” The sisters’ deaths were confirmed by the US consulate on February 18. His brother Cal, 60, who lives in New York, said he only found out about his siblings’ deaths when he was contacted by The Independent earlier this week.

Ammouri, a hospice doctor, and Frazier, a registered nurse, are believed to have died on Pegasos. It’s an assisted suicide clinic based in Basel. Unlike its better-known Swiss rival, Dignitas, Pegasos does not require patients to be terminally ill or suffer from a life-limiting illness.

Meanwhile, DailyMail.com also uncovered an unusual ownership move by Ammouri in the weeks before her death.

She placed a million-dollar home in Cave Creek into a family trust on Jan. 25, 17 days before he and her sister killed themselves.


According to Pegasos, anyone using its services must have a third party that is known to the individual who can identify them to authorities after their death.

If the sisters used the Pegasos service, it is not known who would have been with them to identify them, as Pegasos suggests that patients who cannot provide a third party join Exit International, another assisted suicide company that deals only with terminally ill patients, to discover how they can be identified after death.

Source: wikisoon

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