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Janice David Wiki

                                    Janice David Biography

Who was Janice David?

Janice David, 34, was found dead in a car at 3636 South Sherwood Forest Blvd, and her attacker, Earl Lee Johnson, has since been taken into custody.

Janice David’s body was discovered in the parking lot of an office under construction. According to the source, David’s body was found tied to the steering wheel of the car and it appeared that someone tried to set it on fire.

According to authorities, Earl Lee Johnson is under arrest after a Baton Rouge woman was stabbed to death while she was tied behind the wheel of a car with jumper cables in an incident that was broadcast live on social media.

Janice David Was The Victim Who Was Killed In A Parking Lot

Janice David, a 34-year-old woman, was found dead in the parking lot of an office under construction on Monday. Her body was found tied to the steering wheel of the car and it appeared that someone had tried to set it on fire.

The attack was broadcast live for more than a quarter of an hour on Facebook.

According to BRPD, someone saw footage of the assault on a Facebook Live broadcast and alerted Facebook, which alerted the Louisiana State Police. At approximately 9:50 p.m. m., cops alerted East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s deputies, who dispatched Baton Rouge police to the 3600 block of S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., several hours after Johnson was taken into custody.

Johnson strangled, beaten and stabbed David before attempting to set the car on fire, according to McKneely, who described the killing as a “really horrible, very horrible act.”

According to him, officers suspect Johnson stole the car he was captured in from a neighboring property while trying to flee.

Is Earl Lee Johnson Arrested?

Earl Lee Johnson Jr., 35, was arrested on a first-degree murder charge following a carjacking on South Sherwood Forest Boulevard at its intersection with Newcastle Avenue on Monday. The victim was a Baton Rouge resident named Janice David. At the time, the nature of the couple’s relationship was unknown.

Based on their conversation with Johnson and other evidence collected, detectives believe the two took medication carefully for several days before Monday’s incident, according to police spokesman Lt. L’Jean McKneely.

However, the results of the autopsy are awaited.

By the time authorities learned of the murder, Johnson had already been arrested for a stolen car’s worth, according to McKneely. Before a neighbor reported a car stolen, authorities later discovered Johnson driving it and arrested him after a quick pursuit.

According to the newspaper, by the time the police division became aware of the incident, Johnson was already in custody, having been arrested for a stolen car’s worth.

Janice David Parents And Family Details Revealed

However, since Janice David was discovered recently deceased, the title of her mother and father must be released in the media. However, they may feel distressed in case they lose her daughter at such a young age.

It is not clear if she was married or if she had children; however, as the case progresses, the identity of her guardian and her family is also revealed to most people.

Her family, along with her friends, may need some solitude at this horrible time.

Source: wikisoon

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