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Paige Rice Wiki

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Who was Paige Rice ?

An influencer and her boyfriend were killed when the Audi S3 she was driving hit an oncoming taxi while going nearly 100mph in a Liverpool tunnel, an inquest has heard.

Paige Rice, 22, was in the passenger seat of the car driven by Callum Miller, 27, when she collided with a taxi in the early hours of October 17 last year. The inquest heard that she had been visiting him in Liverpool.


The 22-year-old nail technician died in hospital a few hours after the accident, while Callum passed away the next day.

The taxi driver, a man in his 40s, survived but required hospital treatment for life-changing injuries to his right leg, hip and wrist.

The car was traveling at 98mph on a 30mph road heading for the Queensway Tunnel in Liverpool.

He collided with a Passat and London taxi, causing minor damage to other cars and then hitting bollards. The car entered the tunnel at high speed before losing control and colliding head-on with a Mercedes taxi.

The impact caused serious damage to both cars and the taxi, which was traveling at 40 km/h, backed up a considerable distance.

CCTV was recovered showing the initial and subsequent collisions.

Footage from the taxi’s dash cam was also revealed showing the Audi traveling at an apparent “fast speed” before colliding with it.

Paige’s family paid tribute to her ‘beautiful’ girl in October last year after she passed away.

Her mother, Clare, said that her daughter was “the most beautiful girl, with the biggest smile, an infectious laugh and a heart of gold.”


She posted a tribute to her daughter on her Instagram with a picture of Paige with her and her brother Tyler with her.

Clare said that the three of them were very close and that they would always be the ‘three musketeers’.

She wrote: ‘As most people now know, my beautiful little girl Paige has passed away.

“She was involved in a tragic accident within the first few hours and words cannot describe how broken I am as her mother.

‘I am overwhelmed by the love shown.

‘If you were friends with Paige, she would love you with everything she has and be there in an instant if you ever needed her.

‘She lived life to the fullest. She had big dreams and Paige always made things happen. Her drive to succeed was inspiring.

‘Paige has been my rock recently, I can barely breathe right now and I don’t know how to continue.

‘My house is quiet and all I want is to talk to her one last time.

‘Time is so precious and we never know when our time is up. Love each other and tell each other.

English footballer Jack Grealish donated £5,000 and posted

After a fund was established in memory of Paige, English footballer Jack Grealish donated £5,000 and posted ‘RIP Paige’ on his Instagram story.

When Paige was a teenager, she attended Valentine Theater School, Birmingham, to pursue her love of dance before setting up her own make-up business when she was just 15 years old.

“Paige and I had recently talked about death and she told me that if she died she would remember that she lived life to the fullest,” Clare told Birmingham Live.

“I have chronic illnesses and Paige has pushed me to stay positive and move forward.

“I had huge dreams, I wanted to see the world and live a full life.”


Mr. Rebello ended the investigation by addressing Paige’s family: “Today you have brought many wounds that have begun to heal.”

‘When she dies, I don’t want anyone to ever think about how I died; I want people to remember me for the person they know now.

I don’t think anyone here wants to be remembered for her death. It is appropriate and gives these young people their dignity in death if you celebrate those lives that you still hold in your heart.

‘Death is debilitating, it covers a range of emotions, anger, bitterness, revenge, love, the most important thing is not to let these deaths rob you of the person you still love. The only way to do it is by accumulating happy memories.

‘Life is never measured in time, the quality of life is measured in love.’ –

Paige Rice Quick and Facts

  • Paige Rice, 22, was in the passenger seat of the Audi on October 17 last year when it hit a taxi head-on
  • She passed away hours after the crash and her boyfriend died the next day
  • An inquest heard that the car had been travelling at 98mph on a 30mph road
  • Paige’s mother Claire paid tribute to her, saying she was a ‘beautiful girl’ 

Source: wikisoon

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