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Sule Ambrose Wiki

                                  Sule Ambrose Biography

Who was Sule Ambrose ?

A college student was killed while performing in a re-enactment of Jesus’ crucifixion, and viewers thought he was part of the act.

Sule Ambrose, 25, was preparing to become a priest at the Clariantian University seminary in Nekede, in southeastern Nigeria.

Ambrose played the role of Simon Peter, the most important disciple of Jesus, dressed in a long white robe for the Good Friday reenactment.

He but he collapsed on the floor during the performance and started bleeding.

Spectators thought he was part of the reenactment, local media reported.

Eyewitness Micheal Eluwa told Vanguard: “At first when it happened we thought it was a joke and part of the drama.

“It was when he couldn’t get up that we knew it was serious and he was rushed to a school hospital.”

‘Then when the case got worse, they took him to a quasi-Federal Medical Center. It was from there that we heard that he would not be able to survive.

How old was Sule Ambrose ?

He was 25 year old.

Facebook Post

Sule was remembered in a Facebook post by the National Association of Philosophy Students.

Cause of Death

Ambrose’s cause of death remains completely unknown, the seminar confirmed.

News of his tragic death follows suggestions by a leading scholar that Jesus died after dislocating his shoulder while carrying the cross.

Retired neurologist Patrick Pullicino said Jesús died from complications related to the shoulder injury, more than anything else.

Rev. Prof. Pullicino has written a scientific article on his theory and published it in the Catholic Medical Quarterly.

Sule Ambrose Quick and Facts

  • Sule Ambrose, 25, died during a Good Friday reenactment of Jesus’ crucifixion
  • ‘When it happened we thought it was a joke and part of the drama’, a witness said
  • Ambrose was training to be a priest. He slumped and began bleeding during play
  • The cause of Sule’s sudden death remains entirely unknown, the seminary said 

Source: wikisoon

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