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WWE Raw Results: Winners, News And Notes On September 21, 2020

WWE Raw featured the in-ring debut of RETRIBUTION, who signed a Raw-exclusive contract with WWE, while Dabba-Kato took on Braun Strowman inside Raw Underground. Raw also featured Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre for a chance to Keith Lee to enter Sunday’s WWE Championship Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions.

Despite facing stiff competition from the the season premiere of Monday Night Football, WWE Raw was only down 2%, garnering 1.689 million viewers.

WWE Raw Ratings—Last Five Weeks

  • September 14, 2020—1.689 million viewers
  • September 7, 2020—1.725 million viewers
  • August 31, 2020—1.896 million viewers
  • August 24, 2020—2.028 million viewers
  • August 17, 2020—1.643 million viewers

WWE Raw—Key Competition

  • NFL Monday Night Football
  • MLB Regular Season Slate

Pro Wrestling Bits—AEW’s FTW Title Should Be A Monster’s Championship

WWE Raw Total YouTube Viewership this Past Monday

17,524,471 views (Up from 14,757,367)

  • Most-Viewed: Dabba-Kato Confronts Braun Strowman in Raw Underground (3,690,520 views) 
  • Least-Viewed: The Street Profits vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro (286,292 views)
  • Median Viewership: 856,319

WWE Raw Results—Monday, September 21, 2020

Opening Segment Featuring RETRIBUTION

The fact that RETRIBUTION has signed a WWE contract is evidence of a storyline falling apart before it even gets going.

RETRIBUTION didn’t have to announce they are now property of WWE, their perfectly merchandisable masks said it for them.

After all that buildup it seems like The Hurt Business will be used as cannon fodder to get RETRIBUTION over

Andrade and Angel Garza def. Murphy and Seth Rollins, Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo

Montez Ford sounded legitimately surprised that Zelina Vega left Andrade and Angel Garza, so clearly I’m not the only one having trouble keeping up with these ever-changing storylines.

Andrade and Angel Garza worked seamlessly together and actually won after parting ways with Zelina Vega, which wasn’t the best endorsement for Vega as a manager.

The KO Show featuring Shane McMahon and Dabba-Kato

It’s good to see Shane McMahon still has theme music.

Seeing Shane McMahon and Dabba-Kato in the ThunderDome signals to me that this may be the beginning of the end of Raw Underground with Shane transitioning into a managerial role with Dabba-Kato.

How did it take so long for WWE to use one of its throwaway talk show segments to promote Raw Underground?

Drew McIntyre def. Keith Lee by Disqualification

WWE decided to stick to the big man-power move formula and once again booked this match like a fight between Godzilla and Mothra.

Every match Keith Lee works on the main roster ends in disqualification just as he’s about to lose. This is how WWE thinks it can get Keith Lee over?

Randy Orton Addresses Ambulance Match

I couldn’t believe the ambulance was empty when Randy Orton opened the door.

Randy Orton’s promo was very good but I feel like it was too good for a gimmick match at a secondary pay-per-view, and more befitting of last month’s SummerSlam program.

Zelina Vega vs. Mickie James

The Raw women’s division is suddenly loaded with challengers who have come out of the woodwork, including the artists formerly known as The IIconics.

Zelina Vega delivered one of the slowest, ugliest hurricanranas I’ve ever seen and it couldn’t have been more obvious that WWE isn’t playing to her strengths by not only having her wrestle, but letting her work a Lucha Libre style.

Last week, Zelina Vega slapped Asuka too hard to not be named No. 1 Contender. This match was never in doubt.

Apollo Crews def. Cedric Alexander

Given how many members of RETRIBUTION there are, MVP, Cedric Alexander and The Hurt Business need to be recruiting Apollo Crews, not fighting him.

The United States Championship seems more secondary than usual given the looing threat of RETRIBUTION, but for those interested Lashley will be defending against Apollo Crews.

Dolph Ziggler def. Arturo Ruas—WWE Raw Underground

After a surprising submission victory over Arturo Ruas, Shooter Dolph might actually be a thing.

Braun Strowman barked “I don’t want to talk to you!” at Shane McMahon, but thankfully Shane just so happened to have sideline reporter Briana Brandy standing right next to him.

Seth Rollins Claims Aalyah is not Rey Mysterio’s Daughter

When Seth Rollins walked out with the Maury envelope in his hand I knew exactly where this promo was going.

Didn’t Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio famously settle Dominik’s paternity issues years ago? Do we really need a rehash with Aalyah?

Seth Rollins said science has come a long way since the last time Rey Mysterio took a paternity test, then proceeded to determine that Aalyah is not Rey’s daughter because she was too empathetic. Science is awesome!

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax vs. Lana and Natalya

The Riott Squad definitely has chemistry together, just not on commentary.

Lana sure has lost a whole lot since the debut of Rusev in AEW, which I’m sure is only a coincidence.

Riddick Moss def. Erik—WWE Raw Underground

Poor Erik is going to need to learn to tread water as an enhancement talent on Raw Underground while Ivar is on the mend.

This show has done such a good job building up Braun Strowman vs. Dabba-Kato.

Asuka def. Peyton Royce by Disqualification

Peyton Royce and Billie Kaye are still a thing, just not as the IIconics if that makes sense. Maybe WWE is taking its time with a proper split after all.

Braun Strowman def. Dabba-Kato—WWE Raw Underground

Tonight was a bad night for up-and-comers inside Raw Underground, Riddick Moss is essentially the last man standing in that regard.

Tonight could have—and should have—been Dabba-Kato’s coming out party, but Brauns Strowman needs to be rehabbed so…

The Hurt Business def. RETRIBUTION by Disqualification

RETRIBUTION member names include SLAPJACK, MACE and T-BAR, which Jerry Lawler says stands for “that boy ain’t right!”

I guarantee whoever named the RETRIBUTION members is the same person who named all the Ninja Turtle villains.

It seems too early for The Hurt Business to lose let alone for RETRIBUTION’s first television match, so I guess that called for another gang warfare ending.


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