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2020 – It’s A BlockBuster Year, Is That Why The Brand Decided To ‘Check In”?

It was the tweet few were expecting, but when the video rental brand Blockbuster tweeted for the first time in 6 years it was met with some humorous reactions.

Dominos Pizza DPZ gave a warm welcome on Twitter, responding with “ You & I used to have some wild Friday nights back in the day”

Now TV DNOW responded “Welcome Back…we’re the new you!” complete with a sinister Games of Thrones GIF of a raised glass.

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Most telling was the response from Airbnb who ‘welcomed back’ their friend. Whilst Twitter was alight with many highlighting they still had outstanding rental fees due to Blockbuster, which ceased trading in corporate stores in 2014, the real reason for their return was a brand partnership with the holiday and home letting giant.

The one remaining Blockbuster store in Oregon, USA will be the venue as a competition prize to promote Airbnb. A lucky winner will be able to relive 90’s nostalgia, when given the keys to the store – complete with pull-out sofa, bean bags and pillows for a unique and themed sleepover.

The Nineties has seen a boom in popularity and retail opportunists have seen huge sales growth in memorabilia and apparel featuring Friends, Saved By The Bell and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The competition is not the first of Airbnb unique stays as prizes, which have included a Barbie Malibu Dream-house and a night with the Mona Lisa at The Louvre.

The compelling offer of a ‘money can’t buy experience’ combined with significant brand partner is a formula that is working well creating coverage and engagement for the Airbnb brand.

As more gloom and doom is on the horizon, consumers will turn to the idea of inflated joy and happiness, and the idea of winning a once in a lifetime prize certainly shows no signs of loosing its appeal.

And whilst Blockbuster took one look at 2020 and “checked out” of Twitter just a few hours later, the competition launch looks to have been the PR success both brands were hoping for.


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