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After The Success Of ‘The Witcher,’ The Time Is Ripe For Henry Cavill’s Superman To Make A Comeback

Henry Cavill was the ideal casting choice for Superman, his departure the big tragedy of the collapse of the Snyder-Verse. 

According to Deadline, Cavill is currently in talks to reprise the role. But now that the idea of an interconnected DC universe has proved unwieldy, and creatively restrictive, what could the future hold for Superman?   

Rumor has it, Cavill’s Superman might just be relegated to an overpowered side character, potentially popping in for cameos in Aquaman and Shazam! sequels, an approach which worked well enough for Marvel’s Hulk. 

The Hulk’s eternal contradiction between soft-spoken nerd and raw rage provided plenty of comic relief, his unstoppable super-strength making him the perfect deus ex machina to power through difficult plot points.

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It’s not hard to imagine Superman playing a similar role, swooping down from the sky whenever Aquaman is out of his depth; Justice League depicted him as a caped demigod, significantly stronger than the rest of the League combined. 

But rather than crack jokes, Superman can provide moral guidance to fellow superheroes; his personality being unwaveringly ethical, arguably one-dimensional, perhaps making him a better side character than protagonist. 

After all, aside from origin stories, Superman rarely experiences personal growth – many of his stories see him remain stubbornly flawless from start to finish.

In whatever capacity he returns, it’s encouraging to hear that Henry Cavill could return to the role; the man has a sense of humor that Zack Snyder’s films never focused on. The Man From U.N.C.L.E highlights Cavill’s charm, but Netflix’s The Witcher is a great example of how he can convince the audience to take a silly character seriously.

Geralt of Rivia is a familiar figure, the brooding agent of violence that we’ve seen a thousand times before. But Cavill played him like a ridiculous caricature of the Man With No Name; by embracing his one-dimensionality, grunting, growling, and scowling like a sulky teenager, Cavill managed to make Geralt ridiculously likable, despite being kind of a boring character. 

Maybe Cavill can do something similar with Superman, leaning into the idea of the “overpowered boy scout,” annoyingly incorruptible, inhumanely righteous. While Snyder once tried to turn Superman into a space Messiah, suffering from the weight of responsibility, it might be more fun to bring back the classic character from the original comics, and have Cavill play it straight.

Whatever happens, we’re sure to see a different side to Cavill’s Superman now that the tone of the DC films has shifted – perhaps we’ll even see the return of the iconic red underwear.

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