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Banana Split Ending Explanation! Will We Ever Get A Sequel? Know Every Detail Here

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Netflix for long has been a hub of cheesy teen romance. Moreover, all of the films under the category has been no different from one other. Once upon a time, a girl meets a boy and then fall for each other. Thereafter, they start dating but then something happens so they fall out. So, they kiss and makeup, and gets their happily ever after.

However, the latest launch on Netflix, Banana Spilt, is also a teen story but with a twist. Rather than following the traditional storyline, this time we follow a platonic relationship of two girls. So, the movie travels the untraveled path.

This one of a kind take on the genre helped the movie to garner praise, from critics and viewers alike. However, the ending left the viewers with some questions.

Banana Spilt’s launch On Netflix

Banana Split Ending Explanation

Banana Split Ending Explanation

The film earlier released on online VOD stores. But recently it carved its way to the famous OTT platform, Netflix, in the States.

The story takes a different take on the rom-com genre. It moves away from the usual boy-girl approach. The film takes us on a journey about the emotional platonic relationship between two girls.

April (Hannah Marks) and Clara (Liana Liberato) are the star high school girls in the movie. The major thing they have common is that they both have dated the boy called Nick (Dylan Sprouse).

Banana Split Ending Explained

From their first meeting, things between  April and Clara were these. Nick recently dumped April and jumped on to Clara. However, with time, the pair realizes that they really hit it off. So, a beautiful friendship bond starts to form. Moreover, rules are made to keep Nick out of this circle.

Things take a back fall when April messages Nick to wish him Birthday. Thereafter Nick breaks up with Clara only to make things worse between the friends.

But in the end, they finally make up. Clara apologies for getting Nick in the way of their friendship and also confesses to April. So, things take a different turn and a romantic relationship starts.

Does The Ending Point To A Sequel?

Well, just like you we are in confusion as well. On one hand, the story can have a potential arc for a sequel. On the other, the ending ties all the loose ends and leave no space for a sequel.

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