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Evgenia Medvedeva is a renowned professional skater who has a total assets of $1.4 million out of 2022. She has won two Olympic silver decorations, two big showdowns, two European titles, and two Grand Prix Finals. Medvedeva is likewise supported by John Wilson, the organization that makes her Gold Seal sharp edges, Edea, the organization that makes her skating boots, and Nike.

In 2018, John Wilson gave her a couple of exceptional 24K rose gold engraved cutting edges planned by Misha Ge, an individual olympic skater. Moreover In 2018, she was assigned a Pantene brand diplomat, among different honors.


In 2019, Medvedeva and her Russian partner Alina Zagitova were highlighted in a TV ad for the Japanese game Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden. She’s likewise worked with Rivaland and Aniplex, two Japanese brands. In February 2021, Medvedeva was likewise named as one of Ozon’s diplomats.

Full Name Evgenia Armanovna Medvedeva
Name Evgenia Medvedeva
Native Name Евгения Армановна Медведева
Date of Birth November 19, 1999
Age 22 years old
Birth Place Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia
Residence Moscow, Russia
Nationality Russian
Ethnicity Russian
Religion Not Available
Zodiac Sign  Scorpios
Height 1.58 m (5 feet 2 inches)
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Father’s Name Arman Babasyan
Mother’s Name Zhanna Devyatova
Siblings Not Available
Education Not Available
College Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth, and Tourism
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Christian Kostov
Children None
Profession Figure Skater
  • Eteri Tutberidze
  • Sergei Dudakov
  • Daniil Gleikhengauz
Former Coaches 
  • Lubov Yakovleva
  • Brian Orser
  • Tracy Wilson
Rider Type Not Available
Skating Club Sambo-70
Debut Year  2004
Status Retired
  • Shae-Lynn Bourne
  • Jeffrey Buttle
  • Eteri Tutberidze
Former Choreographer 
  • Misha Ge
  • David Wilson
  • Sandra Bezic
  • Alexander Zhulin
  • Igor Strelkin
  • Ilya Averbukh
Net Worth   $1.4 million
Training Locations  Moscow, Russia
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Merch Rolling Guard, Figure Skating Pants
Last Update  March, 2022

Evgenia Medvedeva’s Childhood Zhanna Medvedeva, a previous Russian olympic skater who resigned at 14 years old, and Arman Babasyan, an Armenian finance manager, are separated. Both of her folks wanted for her to rehearse figure skating to work on her appearance.

The skater contends under the family name Medvedeva, which is the original surname of her maternal grandma. Babasyan is her given name. She signed up for the Russian State Academic of Physical Education, Sport, Youth, and Tourism in 2017 to start her college studies.

Proficient Career of Evgenia Medvedeva Elena Proskurina, Lubov Yakovleva, and Elena Selivanova showed Medvedeva when she was three years of age. Around 2007, she began working with Eteri Tutberidze at the Olympic Reserve Sports School No. 37, which was subsequently renamed Sambo 70.

She contended at the senior level without precedent for 2012, completing eighth, and afterward at the lesser level, completing 6th. Evgenia was harmed toward the beginning of the accompanying season, and she didn’t play in the Russian Senior Nationals. She additionally completed fourth behind Maria Sotskova in the 2013 Russian Junior Championships.

Global Debut for Juniors In the 2013-2014 season, Medvedeva made her global presentation. She won gold in the ISU Junior Grand Prix series in Riga, Latvia, and Gdansk, Poland, individually. In Fukuoka, Japan, the skater qualified for the JGP Final, completing third behind Sotskova and Serafima Sakhanovich. At the 2014 Russian Championships, she completed seventh in her second senior investment and fourth in her lesser introduction.

At the 2014 World Junior Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, Medvedeva was endowed with filling in for the harmed Sotskova. Subsequent to coming third in the two sections, she was granted the bronze award. Simultaneously, Elena Radionova and Sakhanovich won gold and silver, allowing Russia its second sequential World Junior ladies’ platform clear.

Junior World Championships Medvedeva prevailed upon gold by 21 silver medalist Rin Nitaya of Japan in her first JGP task of the 2014 season in Courchevel, France. She completed second in the two segments at her second competition in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and prevailed upon gold by 1.44 focuses Japan’s Wakaba Higuchi. In Barcelona, Spain, the skater qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final, where she won gold in both the short and free projects.

Behind Elena Radionova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Evgenia set third in the two parcels and won bronze, her first senior public decoration, at the 2015 Russian Championships. The following year, the skater figure won gold in the Russian Junior Championships, around 20 focuses in front of silver medalist Maria Sotskova.

Medvedeva came out on top for the 2015 World Junior Championships in Tallinn, Estonia, with a short program that set another worldwide best of 68.48 focuses for the lesser young ladies short program. Subsequent to completing first again in the free program, she procured gold. Moreover, she didn’t fall on the ice in any global competitions during the season.

European and World Championships Medvedeva became qualified to contend at the senior worldwide level for the 2015-2016 season. She won gold at the 2015 Ondrej Nepela Trophy, an ISU Challenger Series (CS) occasion, toward the beginning of October.

Likewise she contended in her first senior Grand Prix occasion, 2015 Skate America, sometime thereafter. She additionally won gold in front of Gracie Gold of the United States in the wake of winning the short program and completed second in the free skate.

In her next Grand Prix race, the 2015 Rostelecom Cup, Medvedeva completed second behind countryman Elena Radionova. Medvedeva took gold in front of Satoko Miyahara at the Grand Prix Final in Barcelona, Spain, in December, turning into the fifth-most youthful Grand Prix Final boss at 16 years old.

Getting Up and Shining Toward the month’s end, Evgenia Medvedeva won gold at the 2016 Russian Championships, overcoming silver medalist Radionova. Medvedeva contended in her first senior ISU Championships on January 2016, in the 2016 European Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia.

She won the gold decoration subsequent to coming out ahead of the pack in both the short and free contests. In March 2016, she procured the gold award at the 2016 World Championships in Boston, Massachusetts. She won gold in the free skate with a world record of 150.10, breaking Yuna Kim’s past mark of 150.06, in the wake of coming third in the short program.

In the wake of coming out on top for the Junior World title in 2015, Medvedeva, 16, turned into the principal female singles skater to win consecutive Junior and Senior World Championships. Essentially, at the 2016 Team Challenge Cup in Spokane, Washington, she won the two sections.

Records from around the world In 2016, Medvedeva started her Grand Prix season at the Skate Canada International. She won the gold award subsequent to winning the two bits, overcoming Kaetlyn Osmond and Satoko Miyahara.

She proceeded to win one more Grand Prix in the 2016 Trophée de France, completing first in quite a while. Medvedeva broke Mao Asada’s reality record (79.21) during the ladies’ short program at the Final in Marseille, France. She additionally won with a general score of 9.33, which was 9.33 focuses more prominent than silver medallist Satoko Miyahara.

Breaking the 230-point hindrance Regardless of the way that the third leap of her 3S-3T-3T mix got no focuses, Evgenia effectively shielded her public title in the 2017 Russian Championships in December 2016.

In March 2017, she contended in the World Championships in Helsinki, Finland. She completed first in quite a while and set worldwide bests in both the free skate (154.40 focuses) and the consolidated score (233.41). She likewise broke the 230-point boundary in the consolidated all out score, making her the main female skater to do as such.

Medvedeva was an individual from Team Russia in the 2017 World Team Trophy, which occurred in April 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. She additionally won the short program with another world record score of 80.85, making her the first female skater in quite a while’s short program to outperform the 80-point hindrance.

What Injury did Evgenia Medvedeva needed to endure? With a gold award at the 2017 CS Ondrej Nepela Trophy in Bratislava, Slovakia, Medvedeva’s it was stretched out to win run. After this opposition, she changed her long program to Anna Karenina, which she appeared in the Japan Open. In mid-October, just a short time before the 2017 Rostelecom Cup, the skater was determined to have a break in her right metatarsal bone.

She came out ahead of the pack in both her Grand Prix occasion in Russia and the 2017 NHK Trophy in Osaka, Japan, after a month. She had to resign from both the Grand Prix Final and the Russian National Championship because of a foot injury, and she couldn’t safeguard her title in one or the other occasion.

2018 Winter Olympics At the 2018 European Championships in Moscow, Medvedeva came in second to partner Alina Zagitova. She was selected to the Russian Olympic group close by Zagitova and Sotskova on Sunday, January 21. Medvedeva won her first occasion of the 2018 Winter Olympics, the ladies short program in the group occasion, with a score of 81.06, an individual best and a world record.

Russia won a silver decoration in the group figure skating contest on account of 10 focuses for first spot in quite a while’s short program. Medvedeva completed second in the short program with a 81.61, breaking one more world record prior to being beaten by Alina Zagitova, a partner. At the Olympics, she acquired a silver decoration.

Working with an alternate Coach On May 7, 2018, Medvedeva expressed that she was cutting off her friendship with long-lasting mentor Eteri Tutberidze and making a trip to Toronto to prepare with mentor Brian Orser.

She would keep on addressing Russia and her ongoing club while preparing in Canada. Medvedeva expressed why she was heading out in different directions from her past mentor, Tutberidze, in an Instagram Live.

She added that she “left to work with a mentor like companions” and that her choice was not inspired by a craving to work on her presentation. She proceeded to express that, while she didn’t believe her mentor to be a companion, she viewed herself as dealing with the very level as him and that she essentially left ‘to hear, and to be heard.’

Evgenia completed second in general, behind Bradie Tennell and in front of Maé-Bérénice Méité, in her presentation season with her new mentors, winning the short program and putting second in the free.

Routs in the 2018-2019 Season Medvedeva completed fourth at the 2018 Internationaux de France in November after numerous falls and under-turns in the two schedules. It was additionally Medvedeva’s first worldwide platform appearance in both her lesser and senior seasons.

Following her mistake in France, Medvedeva subbed another short show arranged by companion Misha Ge for sections from Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca. She was named the second substitute for the European Championships and the main substitute for the Winter U

Source: TG Time

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