Can Metaverse technology enhance human-AI efficiency?
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Conversational AI systems in the metaverse resemble human-to-human communication.

Voice assistant AI has found its way to the metaverses of the new era, powering use cases like lifestyle assistance and personalized recommendations. For instance, rather than driving to a travel agency’s office or talking to their overburdened customer service, users can hop on the metaverse and take a tour of multiple awe-inspiring locations with the assistance of an AI-powered bot.

An AI concierge in a metaverse is a personified machine that delivers unique recommendations based on the avatar’s preferences. Take into account the amount of data available on every person and you know the potential of this use case.

Natural language processing in the metaverse makes it more personal than the real world. Voice AI can interpret avatar requests in a language that is more human and natural while factoring in individual tastes and preferences. 

Speech technology has become more contextual and personalized, making the metaverse interface smarter in the process. For instance, Kai, the first AI concierge on Meetkai, has made voice assistance as easy as talking with a friend. Request a recipe for “steak” by saying, “Hey Kai, can you find me a nice recipe?” And you’ll receive the most delectable beef steak recipe in the world in seconds.


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