Home Celeb Zone Alan Catterall Death Video On Reddit And Body – What Happened?

Alan Catterall Death Video On Reddit And Body – What Happened?

Alan Catterall Death Video On Reddit And Body – What Happened?
Pyranha Mouldings Factory Accident That Never Got Out Of Our Mind, Who Was Alan Catterall?

Alan Catterall death video of him being burnt in a factory accident is all over on Reddit. Know what happened to Alan’s body.

Catterall had died in an industrial oven in 2010. The company where he worked was fined £200 thousand.

Find Alan Catterall Death Video On Reddit

Alan Catterall’s death video is on-demand on Reddit. But the video has not surfaced yet.

Actually, Catterall had suffered death in an oven at Pyranha Mouldings Ltd in Runcorn, Cheshire. He was locked inside as the oven was turned on.

Alan was cleaning the oven. But his fellow employee and future son-in-law Mark Francis had no idea about it. He was the one who turned the oven on.

There was no blame for Mark for the accident. But all the accusations were against the Mouldings factory where he died.

As a matter of fact, Pyranha Mouldings Limited was found guilty of corporate manslaughter. It was fined £200k at the time following a trial.

In fact, it was later known that there was always a severe risk of someone being trapped inside the oven. The door closed automatically when it was turned on.

Alan Catterall Body – What Happened?

Alan Catterall’s body received fatal burns inside the oven. The furnace had been warming rapidly with tremendous heat all around him.

Not to mention, Alan died of shock with his body fully burnt with the fire. 

Also, Catterall’s body was found when the workers came to the factory. Also, the healthcare team had reported the scene to be very hot when they arrived.

Besides, Mirror reports the oven produced smokes soon after it was turned on. The operators found his burnt body as they looked inside.

Of course, Catterall had tried his best to escape the heat. He had used a crowbar and perhaps shouted. But nothing could save his life.

Alan Catterall’s wife tells of his mood on day he died after being trapped in industrial oven: http://t.co/AFfjgtnWNy pic.twitter.com/767u0kn0ip

— Liverpool Echo (@LivEchonews) November 21, 2014

Who is Alan Catterall Wife?

Alan Catterall’s wife is Pearl Catterall. The two had been married for 34 years when he died.

Notably, the Catterall family has a daughter named Sarah. She is their eldest daughter.

Sarah was engaged to Alan’s fellow worker Mark. But unfortunately, he happened to turn on the oven that killed his future father-in-law.

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