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David Osagie Death Cause: Find out why Nollywood star David Osagie died and what happened to him. This is the topic of this article.

Osagie Ogbeosamudia, or Sir David Osagie, was a well-known Nollywood actor, playwright, producer, and professional talent manager.

David Osagie Death Cause: Did Sir Die On Set? Nollywood Actor Death Cause And Wife And Family

In addition, he was most recognized for portraying the part of a king or an elder kingsman in most films.

When it comes to acting and interpreting cinematic roles, he was exceptionally gifted, skillful, innovative, and talented. He was a natural in front of the camera and could play whatever character that Nigerian filmmakers and producers threw at him. He was adored by a large number of individuals.

How Did Sir David Osagie Die On Set? Nollywood Actor Death Cause Details

According to reports, actor David Osagie, often known as Sir David, has died. He was believed to have died on a movie set just hours after filming.

His coworkers, who shared the terrible news of his passing on Instagram, said he was on set yesterday, May 3, only for them to learn of his death this morning.

Ngozi Ezehwho, a Nollywood actress who verified his death on Wednesday, claimed the actor was not unwell but slept and did not wake up the next day. She also stated that he was healthy.

Ibiwari Etuk, a Nollywood actress who appeared aware of his death, stated the actor had finished filming and gone to sleep, only to never wake up again.

David Osagie Wife And Family

Sir David Osagie’s devoted wife and family members survived him. Unfortunately, following his unexpected death, he has left them behind.

Veteran Nollywood Actor, David Osagie has passed away.

The actor, who was popularly known for his king role in movies, reportedly died hours after he was seen on a movie set.

Report says, he slept and never woke up. The cause of his death is yet to be identified. pic.twitter.com/iCu6N9stSm

— OSG (@OloriSupergal) May 4, 2022

He was a husband and father. David and his wife had sons and daughters due to their marriage. Sir David Osagie, on the other hand, does not share photos of his family, wife, or children on social media.

David Osagie Wikipedia

Despite being a popular Nollywood producer, actor, and scriptwriter, David Osagie’s biography has not been featured on Wikipedia. Sir David is originally from Igbanke, Delta State, Nigeria’s south-central region.

In movies, he typically portrayed the character of a monarch. In 1986, he graduated from Ika Grammar School in Agbor, Delta State, with a degree.

Osagie earned a bachelor’s degree in 1998 from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. Delta bond Media Media Concept Limited and Deltabond Film House and Studio were his companies. On May 3, 2022, he died of natural causes after returning from a film shoot.

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