Homicide Suspect Jason Jones Arrested: Who Is He? Northeast Nebraska Charges & Case Details
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Homicide Suspect Jason Jones Arrested: Who Is He? Col. John Bolduc, the police chief at Nebraska State University, reported at a press conference at 9:30 a.m. that Jason Jones, 42, of Laurel, was found after evidence from both murder scenes led detectives to him.

Homicide Suspect Jason Jones Arrested: Who Is He? Northeast Nebraska Charges & Case Details

Bolduc asserts that the Nebraska State Patrol’s crime scene investigators discovered tangible proof linking Jones to the crimes at both crime scenes. After finding the evidence, investigators used “flash diversionary devices” as a distraction strategy prior to Jones’ arrest.

Bolduc said that more information could not be made available because the information gathered from the two scenes is still being processed by the investigators.


Homicide Suspect Jason Jones Arrested: Who Is He From Northeast Nebraska?


The 42-year-old Jason Jones resides on Elm Street, the same street where the murders took place just a few blocks apart.

Bolduc claims that physical evidence was found at both crime scenes by Nebraska State Patrol crime scene investigators that connected Jones to the crimes. Investigators used “flash diversionary devices” as a diversionary tactic after discovering the evidence, which led to Jones’ arrest.

Investigators apprehended Jones after going into the suspect’s home at 206 Elm St., which is next to one of the victims’ residences, and discovering that he had severe burn wounds. Bolduc claimed that he was flown to a hospital in Lincoln, where he is still in critical condition.

Four bodies were discovered dead in two different Laurel homes on Thursday morning, prompting the arrest. The homes, which were situated off of Elm Street, were two blocks apart. The Nebraska State Patrol had requested any information regarding a Black male driving a silver sedan away from Laurel during a press conference on Thursday afternoon.


More On Jason Jones Arrest And Charges

After numerous attempts to convince Jones to leave the house failed, the Nebraska State Patrol SWAT Team eventually found out that he had severe burn injuries. He was taken to a hospital in Lincoln as of Friday morning, according to NSP, and is in a critical condition.

The Nebraska State Patrol also believes the shooting was a factor in the deaths that occurred in two other homes in the town in northeastern Nebraska.

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about an explosion at a Laurel home at 3 a.m., and fire teams found a body inside the house. The 53-year-old Michele Ebeling was the first victim at home, according to the Nebraska State Patrol.

The three victims at the second home were 86-year-old Gene Twiford, 85-year-old Janet Twiford, and 55-year-old Dana Twiford.

Northeast Nebraska Quadruple Homicide Case


Following a tragedy in Laurel, Nebraska, which left four people dead and two homes damaged. The Nebraska State Patrol promotes community awareness.

According to a statement from the Nebraska State Patrol, the incidents at the residences at 209 Elm Street and 503 Elm Street are now thought to have involved gunshots. The truth was revealed after the fire was successfully put out and the investigators had some time to look at the homes.

Officials now believe that the fire at 503 Elm Street may have started at around the same time as the explosion-related fire at 209 Elm Street, although it took hours for the fire to be visible from the outside of the building.

The Nebraska State Patrol is requesting that anyone who notices anything unusual between the hours of midnight and four in the morning contact them as soon as possible at 402-479-4921.

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