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Kristen Stewart thinks the “most important” part of her wedding is the food.

Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart are getting married

Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart are getting married

The 31-year-old actress is engaged to Dylan Meyer and after previously expressing her desire to have TV chef Guy Fieri officiate the ceremony, the ‘Spencer’ star is thrilled he is “totally down” with the idea, because there’s an added bonus that he could also cater the event.

Asked about wanting Guy to officiate the ceremony, she said: “I think he’s totally down because I have heard now through the grapevine, he’s like followed up a couple of times!”

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel then pointed out Guy could also cater the wedding and asked if she’s planning a sit-down dinner or a buffet to which she replied: “I’ve done a little bit of dreaming, but I haven’t planned anything. I’m a food obsessed person so maybe that is like the most important part.”

But the blonde beauty joked she is too busy campaigning to win the Best Actress Oscar for ‘Spencer’ to plan her nuptials right now.

She quipped: “I’m trying to win an Oscar now. I’m kidding. I’m so busy, I’m not planning my wedding.”

Jimmy then suggested Kristen could make life easier for herself if she combined her wedding with the Academy Awards.

He said: “Get married when you win the Oscar, if you win, you’ve got everybody there, everything is paid for, it will be one of the great moments.”

Kristen quipped: “And if I don’t win, I’ll just ask Olivia Colman to marry me.”

During the show, the host showed his guest a montage of fans reacting excitedly to Kristen’s Oscar nomination and she urged him to send her the clips so she could give them to her mom, who had an underwhelming response to the news.

Kristen said: “Can you send these so I can show them to my mom so she knows the proper reaction.

“I was like, ‘Mom, dude, I got it.’ and she goes, ‘Well honey, that’s great, I’m just waking up, that’s not why we do things’ and then she went kind of quiet and I was like, ‘What’s up?’ She goes, ‘I think I might be a little gobsmacked.’

“It took a few minutes, but that’s the reaction.”

Jimmy joked: “”It’s like she’s trying to teach you a lesson, like you’re still 12 years old. ‘That’s not why we do things, you understand.’ ‘Yes it is mom, that’s exactly why we do this.’ “

And the actress claimed all the praise she’s been given for her portrayal of Princess Diana in the film should be given to her hairpiece.

She laughed: “It’s the only reason I’m good in this movie, everyone thinks it’s my performance but it’s just that beautiful wig.”

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