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Meet Dolly Wells Daughter- Elsie Richter Age And Wikipedia – Is Elsie Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend? Elsie’s Instagram story hints the two are dating. Get to know her age and parents.

Elsie is a young actress. She is also recognized as the daughter of Doly Wells who is also an actress.

Is Elsie Richter Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend?

Elsie Richter seems to be Finn Wolfhard girlfriend.

Ritcher and Wolfhard appeared together in an Instagram story on Thursday 17 June. The story was different from others as it included a red heart emoji on it.

Dolly Wells Daughter- Elsie Richter Age And Wikipedia – Is She Dating Finn Wolfhard

Dolly Wells Daughter- Elsie Richter Age And Wikipedia – Is She Dating Finn Wolfhard

In addition, Finn gives a cute bite on Elsie’s cheek in the picture. As a result, fans are speculating the two have a relationship more than friends.

Furthermore, Elsie and Finn share quite a lot of time together in recent days. They went rock climbing together earlier this month. Also, the two were spotted with each other in many places.

This had made many fans believe Eslie and Finn are dating at the moment. However, none of them have confirmed it yet. But we know pictures speak more than words.

Besides, Ritcher and Wolfhard may be announcing anytime that they are dating. It is yet to see how long they could keep their dating life a secret.

Meet Elsie Ritcher On Instagram

Elsie Ritcher is on Instagram as @elsiepearls.

The young actress has earned over 96.8 thousand followers on the platform as of now. Her first Instagram post dates back to November 2017.

In fact, the Stranger Things actor Finn also makes frequent appearances on her Instagram stories.

Elsie Ritcher Age and Height: How Old Is She?

Elsie Ritcher’s age is 19 years old.

But she has not revealed her exact birth details yet. Also, she has not mentioned much about her early life and childhood.

Interestingly, Ritcher appeared in the TV series Doll and Emwhen she was a child.

Elsie’s height details are under the radars yet. She does not appear to be much of a tall girl judging from her pictures.

Elsie’s Parents

Elsie’s parents have two children.

Her mother is Dolly Wells. Nothing is known about her father yet.

In addition, she has a younger brother named Ezra Ritcher. He appeared alongside Elsie on the series Doll and Em.

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