Yikes! This is getting ugly!

Momma Dee has never had a problem with getting in the middle of her son Scrappy’s “biznyee”, but the #LHHATL star recently revealed that their relationship is worse than ever.

Scrappy/Momma Dee/Bambi

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Momma Dee recently said she no longer even speaks to her son and blames the beef on his wife, Bambi Richardson. The 58-year-old opened up on social media about the family feud after fans called her out for attending a baby shower for Scrappy’s ex, Shay Johnson.

Johnson was side-by-side with Momma Dee at her baby shower on Friday, decked out in all-white and plenty of bling. She was notoriously always at odds with the other women in Scrappy’s life, but her relationship with Shay is going longer and stronger than her bond with Scrappy and his wife these days. Dee was so cozy with the expecting couple in the picture she posted, that she could easily be confused for the mother-in-law and grandmother-to-be in the picture she posted to Instagram.

“Congratulations! From One Mother To Another… I Love Who Loves Me Stay Tuned For The Next Episode,” Momma Dee wrote.

The last part of the caption seems to address that fans previously called out the “I Deserve” singer for attending Shay’s gender reveal back in February. You’ll remember on the last season of #LHHATL, Dee was on bad terms with Bambi and Scrappy for repeating the rumors about Bambi filing for divorce.

Once again, Momma Dee stood ten toes down on supporting Shay when a user commented the baby shower post was, “SOOO disrespectful to Da Bam!!!”

She responded by calling out Bambi for not giving “a f**k” about her.

“I’m down for who down for me. Me I’ve never heard bam even give a f**k about what I ate, send me flowers for my birthday, give me a greeting card,” she explained about Bambi as a daughter-in-law.

“I supposed to leave Shea alone because she’s insecure she’s f**king insecure and she’s dragging my son. My son and I are not even speaking because of her [insecurities] I’m done,” she wrote.

Apparently, Bambi agreed that the post, or at least Momma Dee’s comments were out of line and sent her a text to address it in private. Momma Dee posted a screenshot of Bambi’s text message to her saying:

“Please keep that same energy you got on Instagram the next time you see me in person. I’m sick of you trying my and I’m always giving you a pass and making excuses for behavior. Keep my name out of your mentions and your mouth.”

Momma Dee blamed all the beef on Bambi in the caption, hinting that she’s jealous of the bond with Shay.

“I never thought loving someone with good intentions would cause my life to be threatened behind a picture of me and @iamshayjohnson but its all good in the palace …in @shereewhitfield voice who goin check me boo.”

Who is going to check Momma Dee if she’s not on speaking terms with Scrappy? It’s understandable that the father of four, (Breeland, Xylo, and Cali with Bambi and Emani with Erica Dixon) is tired of getting stuck in the middle.

Scrappy/Momma Dee/Bambi

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Is Momma Dee wrong for treating Scrappy’s ex Shay Johnson like a daughter? Do you agree Bambi is to blame for the family feud?

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