Listen Omicron has been heavy in these streets and Omarion is tired of feeling the heat.

The Millennium Tour 2021 - Atlanta, GA

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This weekend Omarion shared video clip of a drop he recorded for the “New Year’s Rockin Eve” special where he addressed the confusion between his name and the COVID variant. In a clip that shared two similar versions of the drop O made sure to clarify that he’s actually an entertainer — not a virus:

“What up New Year’s Rockin Eve!” Omarion said in one take,” It’s Omarion. Now I know there has been a lot of confusion on the internet recently so my lawyers wanted me to read this:

I Omarion am a musician and an entertainer, you knew that, not a viral variant. I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s, don’t be disrespectful, okay? The last time I had to do this was in 2000 when everyone confused Y2K with B2K, that’s ain’t how it’s supposed to be. No but seriously that ain’t how it’s supposed to be.”

Check out the video below:

We love it that he can laugh at the situation BUT at the same time it’s got to be getting old to him by now. You know Omarion is gonna be relieved when Omicron lets up.

Nobody wants a new variant — but Omarion might actually be relieved when there is one!

What did you think of Omarion’s video?

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