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Rick Barnes and Candy Barnes have two children, who are now successful adults.

Nick Barnes is the firstborn son of this couple, and after five years, they welcomed their second child, Carley.

Rick Barnes Son Nick Barnes

Barnes’ son Nick Barnes was born in 1985 and is currently 37 years old.

He is working as a missionary somewhere in the Middle East country. However, Nick has yet to reveal where he currently lives for security reasons. In an interview, he said he lives in a hazardous area in the Middle east.

Besides, coming from an athletic background, Nick loves to play basketball but never wants to pursue a career. Also, his father never forces him to play basketball. He started working as a missionary and made it his permanent job at the age of 20.

Rick Barnes Daughter Carley Barnes

Rick and Candy were blessed with their daughter, Carley Barnes, in 1990. She is the second child of this couple.

Carley is married to her husband, Josh Lickteig, a school friend. This duo has been blessed with one daughter, Emerson Blair. Also, they had adopted one son, Caleb Richard, and one daughter, Avery Grace.

Caleb Richard was born in 2013 and is currently nine years and, adopted in 2018. Similarly, Avey Grace was born in 2010 and is currently 12 years old. Carley and her husband, with her parents, went to Uganda and adopted them.

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