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Who Is Chelle Ramos Sister Stephy Ramos – Chelle Ramos is an American actress who appears to be close with her older sister, Steph Ramos, and enjoys spending time with her.

Chelle Ramos became well-known after appearing in films such as The Purge, Tell Me Your Secrets, and Outer Banks.

Who Is Chelle Ramos Sister Stephy Ramos: Her Siblings, Bio, Instagram and Family Names

Chelle is also a social media powerhouse. In addition, on the set of Chatterbox, she received her first taste of filming.

Meet Chelle Ramos, the younger sister of Stephy Ramos

Stephy Ramos appears to be Chelle Ramos’ older sister, who is a well-known actress. Chelle has been tight-lipped about her older sister for the time being, choosing to keep the information to herself.

Stephy’s Instagram handle is @ramoshaney, and she has more than 180 followers. Stephy appears to be married, however the actual year of her marriage is uncertain.

Stephy’s exact date of birth is uncertain, while she appears to be in her late thirties, which has yet to be verified. She is mixed-race, like her younger sister Chelle.

Stephy looks to be the mother of four children, three of them are daughters and one son. Stephy appears to be enjoying her married life with her husband, and there have been no public reports of their divorce.

Family Photos of Chelle Ramos and Stephy Ramos

Chelle Ramos and her sister Stephy Ramos were raised by their parents in the United States. Chelle has yet to make any public statements about her parents.

Chelle shared a snapshot of herself with her siblings on her Instagram account for Christmas. In the images, she appears to be having a good time with her siblings and enjoying the occasion with her family.

Her photo appears to have been taken between the years of 2005 and 2010. Chelle appears to be a girl who values quality time with her family and appears to be quite close to them.

Chelle was born on November 24, 1991, to her parents and will be 31 years old in 2022. Chelle is a woman of many ethnicities.

Chelle Ramos: Who Is She? Bio/Wiki

Chelle Ramos is a well-known actress best known for her performance in the television series Long Slow Exhale as Ada Powaukee.

Chelle was born in Pensacola, Florida, and is an American citizen. She’s gone through a lot of training to develop her acting and dancing skills.

Ramos has undergone training in prestigious studios such as Sake Studio, SAK Comedy Lab, and Upright Citizens Brigade, according to her résumé.

Ramos stands around 5’6″ tall and has a healthy weight for her height. Ramos appears to keep her body in fantastic shape by going to the gym and eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet, based on her images.

Chelle also has an Instagram account, which she uses under the name @chelleramos24. Chelle has over 6500 Instagram followers and uses the platform frequently.

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