Career Criminal Walks Free on Bond After Judge Blocks Him from Having Chainsaw: Report
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In the latest cases highlighted in the ongoing Harris County series, “Breaking Bond,” an accused catalytic converter thief is out on a personal recognizance bond after a judge made an unusual requirement: no chainsaws allowed.

According to FOX26, a magistrate allowed Robert James Williams, who has a lengthy criminal history, to leave jail free on bond, although converter thefts and violence were once rampant in Harris County, leading to a sheriff’s death in 2022.

Last March, Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Almendarez was reportedly murdered by three catalytic converter thieves. In response, Texas Governor Abbott enacted the Deputy Almendarez Act in June 2022, legislation intended to combat the rampant catalytic converter theft problem.

“That is irresponsible and unacceptable,” State Senator Carol Alvarado said in reference to William’s release. “It’s unfortunate he was able to get this bond…From what I understand this person was caught red handed caught with a saw that was still hot.”

“This person has made a career out of breaking the law and to be let go on a bond is very disturbing to someone that’s worked on this bill for quite some time.”

It’s unclear why part of Williams’ bond was to not have a chainsaw outside of his home, but Mario Garza President of the Professional Bondsman of Harris County and CrimeStoppers Andy Kahan both said it’s something that they’ve never seen happen before.

“If you see this dude with a chainsaw he’s in violation of his bond conditions,” Kahan said.

Despite the unusual request, Garza added that without any collateral put up for the career criminal’s bond, he’s like to skip court and abscond.

Check back for updates.

Listen to the latest episode below. 

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