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Katie Key Murder: Is Jason Lynn McCamey Dead or Still Alive? Katie Key had no notion that she would die as a result of her involvement with an older man. In mid-January 2007, the city of Greenville, Tennessee, was shocked when an intruder broke into the 17-year-home old’s and held her hostage before murdering her in cold blood.

The horrific homicide and the events that led up to it are chronicled in the documentary ‘Home Alone: Portrait of a Stalker,’ which airs on Investigation Discovery.

Katie Key Murder Case: Where Is Jason Lynn McCamey Today? - SpikyTV

If you’re curious about Katie’s killer and want to know if she’s still alive, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Katie Key Die?

Katie Key, a bright West Greene High School student, was only 17 years old when she was murdered. Katie worked a part-time job at JC Penney to supplement her income. She was described as someone who enjoyed life and looked forward to the future. Friends and family remarked on how the teen could brighten any room with her smile. Katie, a resident of Greenville, Tennessee, was extremely close to her family and is still sorely missed.

Katie’s mother and stepfather were very concerned about her safety, yet they both worked evenings and had to leave Katie alone at home on occasion. Similarly, on January 16, 2007, Katie was alone when a shotgun-wielding assailant broke into her home. Before attempting to hide, she heard the intruder and promptly dialled 911. The attacker, on the other hand, tracked her down and dragged her into a second-floor bedroom before barricading the door. When the cops came, they discovered the intruder had gained access through the back door. They were also able to recover two shotgun shells from the porch, as well as broken glass.

When cops entered the property, they discovered that the perpetrator was keeping the victim hostage in a barricaded bedroom. The cops participated in negotiations and attempted everything they could to calm the situation in order to save Katie. The abductor, however, was not willing to listen to reason, and officials heard two shotgun explosions from within the room after nearly four hours. They smashed the door down right away, but it was too late; Katie was shot dead at point-blank range. An autopsy later revealed that the shotgun round was the cause of her death.

Who was responsible for Katie Key’s death?

When the cops broke into Katie’s bedroom on the second floor, they discovered that her assailant had turned the gun on himself after killing the victim in cold blood. Jason Lynn McCamey, a 29-year-old man in a rumoured hidden relationship with Katie Key, was quickly identified as the assailant. Katie met Jason through mutual friends in August 2006, and the two began dating. However, according to the episode, Katie discovered her boyfriend’s abusive behaviour shortly before Christmas 2006 and decided to quit their relationship.

Jason, on the other hand, was not ready to let Katie go and began following her every step. According to reports, he forced his way into Katie’s car on January 6, 2007, but escaped before officers could catch him. Jason even trespassed onto Katie’s property on the same night and attempted to reach her over the phone, but was unsuccessful. The cops were on the watch for Jason at this point, but he fled into hiding and began to spam Katie’s phone with text messages. Katie’s mother also received a text message that eventually revealed to be an explicit photo of her daughter.

Despite the fact that the Keys increased their security surrounding their home, the police discovered that Jason was keeping an eye on them from a neighbouring barn, where they discovered a note and some of his things. Katie’s mother and stepfather became concerned and began keeping a constant eye on her, only allowing her to leave their sight if absolutely necessary. Still, they had no idea how far Jason was willing to go to seek vengeance, so Jason broke in and suffocated Katie’s lively life when they were out working a night shift.

Is Jason Lynn McCamey still alive or dead?

Jason Lynn McCamey is no longer alive, having shot Katie on January 7, 2007, and then turned the gun on himself. Katie and Jason were both found dead with shotgun gunshot wounds to the head when the cops entered the room. Jason died as a result of self-inflicted bullet wounds, according to an autopsy.

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