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Who are Texas Elementary Shooter Salvador Romas Parents? Details of Family Background, Why Did He Have Criminal Urges?

Salvador Romas’s parents and family must be devasted for his act of shooting to kill.

This is a serious update on a teen who allegedly shoot and killed 15. Officials stated the suspects were apprehended and that several were brought to the hospital for injuries.

Two toddlers may have died from gunshot wounds in the event, according to Uwald Memorial Hospital. In addition, the hospital’s emergency room is treating 13 pupils, as per the hospital.

Watch: Who are Texas Elementary Shooter Salvador Romas Parents: Meet Salvador Romas Family On Facebook 

There is a video shared on the shooting, Salvador Roman carried out killing 14 students and 1 teacher.

Here is the link to the video to watch Roman’s inhumane act.  

Romas’s parents are under the shade, they have not come forward to speak or share anything till now. Hopefully, with time, they will speak out about Romas.

According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, President Joe Biden was also briefed on the shooting. “His prayers are with the families affected by this terrible occurrence,” Jean -Pierre said. 

“He will address this evening when he returns to the White House,” Abbott stated that authorities are investigating the suspect, his motives, and the weapon used. 

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Who Are Salvador Romas Mom Dad? –  His Nationality

Salvador Roma’s parents are not yet revealed on the web. However, he shot his grandmother before entering the school. His parents must be devasted currently and might take some time alone.

His nationality has been speculated by netizens based on his name as Latino or Hispanic and white. Some of the netizens also mentioned that he is transgender. 

@russell_todd17 tweeted a post, “Salvado Ramos, a white transgender Hispanic local illegal immigrants who sometimes identifies as a black Asian Republican member of MS-13..”

Know About Salvador Romas Religion & Arrest

Salvador Romas’s religion is not known as his personal information has not been shared. Ramos, and 18 years old suspect, has been confirmed dead by Abbott.

Ramos was a Uvalde High School student who, according to Abbott, shot his grandmother before attending school. The responding officers are believed to kill him.

Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Chief of Police Pete Arredondo claimed the event happened around 11:30 a.m. local time during a press conference. 

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