Who Did The Pensacola Correctional Officer Sage Keele Kidnap?
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Who Did The Pensacola Correctional Officer Sage Keele Kidnap? Sage Keele was a formal Pensacola Correctional Officer arrested in 2020 for trying to kidnap a date he met on Tinder. Find more about his charges and arrest report.

Sage Keele was arrested by Escambia County police on September 23, 2020, after he fled the crime scene a day earlier. On September 22, Sage tried to kidnap his Tinder date from her resident and tried to zip tie her in her car in the parking lot.

According to the police report, the former Pensacola Correctional officer was called by the woman to her residence as she had to return a pair of her shoes. The two met about three weeks earlier through the online dating platform Tinder but Sage stated that his name was Richard A. Grant.

When the lady(name kept secret) learned about his mischief, she instantly broke up with Sage Keele but Sage took it personally. He was not just ready to give up on his date. When his date called him to her location for a seemingly ‘last meet’, Sage appeared before her and acted super strange.

Sage Keele: Pensacola Correctional Officer Kidnapped A Woman He Met On Tinder

Sage Keele was a former Pensacola Correctional officer who was arrested for trying to kidnap his Tinder date. Sage appeared before his date at their last meeting place, the lady’s apartment. He proceeded to give her two choices, to which she replied that she would willingly go with the third.

Sage then showed her a few pills, which she thought to be some harmful drugs, and thus immediately snatched them away from Sage. Angered by her actions, Keele tried to attack her and chased her to her car.

Who Did The Pensacola Correctional Officer Sage Keele Kidnap?
Pensacola Correctional Officer Sage Keele was arrested for kidnapping a woman that he met on Tinder.

Before the lady could close her car doors and lock them, Sage took control, blocked it and entered the vehicle, and tried to zip-tie her former date. When a passerby saw the crime, Sage mockingly made a joke out of the scene and exit the vehicle.

But soon he would resume his threatening actions again and this time, the lady’s roommate arrived at the scene and scared Sage away. Police were called to the scene and they tracked down Sage’s phone. Sage was arrested the very next day and held with a $76k bond.

Was Sage Keele Arrested? Is He In Jail Now?

Sage Keele was arrested on September 23, 2020, for a kidnapping attempt on his former Tinder date. He tried to get into her car and zip tie her, with some ulterior motive of causing harm to her.

He was arrested by the Escambia Police and held in prison at Escambia County Jail.

A bail amount of $76k was assigned to his name and he was charged with kidnapping, burglary, and battery, and two counts of fraudulent impersonation.

Was Sage Keele’s Mugshot Released?

Sage Keele’s released mugshot is not made available on online media. The detail of his arrest was shared through multiple criminal reports and news pages.

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