Who Gets Robert Durst Money? Net Worth – What is Robert Durst net worth at the moment of his death?

Robert Durst was a convicted serial killer as well as a real estate heir who died on his deathbed at the age of 78.

That being said, people are interested to know how much money he left for family and children after he died. Let’s take a look!

Who Gets Robert Durst Money?

Late Rober Durst was well-known not only as the heir to his father’s fortune, but also as a murderer of his lovers. His first wife, Kathleen McCormack Durst, whom he married in 1973, was his first wife.

Robert was the murder suspect in the case of the missing wife, who was declared dead in 1990. Similarly, he was accused of murdering Susan Berman, an American journalist with whom he had a long friendship, in 2000.

Similarly, another murder of his neighbor Morris Black occurred in 2001. The dreadful criminal is no longer in this world, having died on January 10, 2022, leaving his fortune to his offspring.

Robert Durst, the multimillionaire real estate heir who was serving a life sentence for murder in California and was the prime suspect in two other murders over the past four decades, died in prison at age 78, his lawyer’s office said https://t.co/h0XZHzX5Ur pic.twitter.com/ahXyrDOn5k

— Reuters (@Reuters) January 10, 2022

Who Gets Robert Durst Money? How Much Money Did He Leave For His Kids At The Time Of Death?

Robert Durst may have left around $50 million in cash and a few properties. He did, however, leave behind his $1.75 million Harlem townhouses, which he purchased in 2011.

The majority of his life was spent in court and on bail. As a result, he lost the majority of his fortune to bails and compensation.

Breaking News: Robert Durst, the real estate tycoon who was long suspected in three killings, and found guilty of one of them, is dead at 78. https://t.co/wRM3cox34D

— The New York Times (@nytimes) January 10, 2022

What Is Robert Durst Net Worth?

Although Robert Durst’s family empire is worth more than $8 billion, he was already out of the business in 2006. So he was worth $65 million at the time of settlement among which $20 million was given to his power of attorney Chataran.

The murderer facing lifelong imprisonment at the age of 78 passed away after the 2 months of his sentence because of Covid infection.

Robert Durst, the wealthy New York real estate heir convicted of killing his best friend and sentenced to life in prison, has died. He was 78.https://t.co/s2dErzrLFN

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) January 10, 2022

Robert Durst’s Parent’s Fortune

Robert Durst was the heir to the greatest wealth, as his parents owned the Durst Organization, New York City’s oldest commercial real estate company.

His father, Seymour Durst, and his younger brother, Douglas Durst, led the company. In the year 2006, he received $65,000,000 as his inheritance as the son of the owner of the Durch Organization.

Robert Durst Real Estate Business

Robert Durst’s family real estate business was founded by his grandfather Joseph Durst, who immigrated to New York as a tailor in the 1920s from Austra, Hungary. In 1927, he established the Durch organization.

Robert, the eldest grandson, was in charge of the business, which he had delegated to his sons. Because of the convicted murderer’s misconduct, the entire responsibility was transferred to Douglas, Robert’s younger brother.

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