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De Blasio Doubles Down On Blaming Protesters For NYPD Ramming Vehicles Into Crowds


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has doubled down on blaming protesters for inciting violence on officers after two NYPD SUV’s were filmed ramming into crowds in Brooklyn on Saturday.


De Blasio said at a pres conference on Sunday: “Many of us have seen the video involving two NYPD vehicles and a crowd of protesters.

He added: “I didn’t like what I saw one bit. I did not want to ever see something like that, I don’t ever want to see it again. And clearly, we need to do a full investigation and look into the actions of those officers to see what was done, why it was done and what could be done differently.

“But I also want to emphasize that the situation was created by a group of protesters blocking and surrounding the police vehicle, a tactic that we have seen before in the last few days, a tactic that can be very, very dangerous for all involved.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Source: Forbes Business

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