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England vs Pakistan, first Test day two: live score and latest updates

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OVER 75: Pakistan 187/5 (Shan 77* Shadab 1*) – LUNCH

One over of spin from Bess before lunch. Strong session for England – Pakistan started the day on 139/2. 

There’s a bit of turn. Masood adds two with a cut shot and the takes one high up the leg, too high for an appeal. What a beauty next though, bit turn away. “Unplayable”, says Wasim Akram. I’m not disagreeing. Potential there.

And that’s lunch. Excellent session for England, taking out Azam first ball and then adding two more wickets for very little damage. Shan Masood toughing it out and now on 77, but he needs more support. 

Back in a bit.


OVER 74: Pakistan 185/5 (Shan 75* Shadab 1*)                   

Sniff of a run out with Pope throwing in but Masood is safe, with Shadab off the mark. Another single for Masood too as we creep towards lunch.


OVER 73: Pakistan 183/5 (Shan 74* Shadab 0*)                  

Outside edge from Shan Masood but it stays low and goes for four. Next delivery is really nice, nowhere for Masood to go as the ball shapes away.


OVER 72: Pakistan 179/5 (Shan 70* Shadab 0*)                 

Good running there for three, played by Shan past point as he heads into the 70s.

Shadab with a big old swing and miss, kept low. Shan Masood needs support here.

Pakistan's Shan Masood plays a shot

Pakistan’s Shan Masood plays a shot

GETTY Images


OVER 71: Pakistan 176/5 (Shan 67* Shadab 0*)                

Woakes getting it to move really well now. So reliable. Wicket maiden, struck the pad off the last but well wide.


WICKET! Rizwan c Buttler b Woakes 9

Edged and gone! Rizwan never really got going but was just about to settle… and now he’s walking back. Buttler with the grab, Woakes strikes. Nine off 41 balls. FOW 176/5


OVER 70: Pakistan 176/4 (Shan 67* Rizwan 9*)               

Good running for two, into the on-side. Run rate was only just over two an over but there’s a couple more singles, four from the over.


OVER 69: Pakistan 172/4 (Shan 64* Rizwan 8*)              

Bit of a gift from Woakes, wide and on the up and Shan sends it for four past square. 63* now off over 200 balls. Woakes then catches the front pad but looks both high and like inside edge. An on-side single to finish the over.


OVER 68: Pakistan 167/4 (Shan 59* Rizwan 8*)             

Archer mixing things up with his length, one full, one proper high bumper. Shan Masood tries to come up with a pull shot but it gets blocked. One run off the last though, that pull shot working out against the short ball.


OVER 67: Pakistan 166/4 (Shan 58* Rizwan 8*)            

Another bit of overeager running. That’s happened a few times this morning, Rizwan getting back safely to his crease. Caught on the pads but high and wide, nipped back in a big way though. Maiden for Woakes.


OVER 66: Pakistan 166/4 (Shan 58* Rizwan 8*)           

Shan Masood trickles a single out to fine leg. Good running then leads to three runs, sliced through the covers well by Rizwan. That will have felt good after plenty of pressure.


OVER 65: Pakistan 162/4 (Shan 57* Rizwan 5*)          

Anderson working hard to get more swing on the ball, using the sweat from his back, it looks like. Rizwan not quite settling yet, long way to go though. Maiden for Woakes.


OVER 64: Pakistan 162/4 (Shan 57* Rizwan 5*)         

Here comes Jofra. Mis-field from Pope gifts a single but otherwise that’s another tidy over. 

Had a brief moment of panic there when I noticed that the Pakistan training kit was plastered in Gatorade logos, worrying that Pepsi were no longer on the scene. Fear not, they remain on the playing shirts.

Tightly run single to round off the over and keep Rizwan on strike. Pope with half a chance maybe but needed a direct hit to get Masood out.


OVER 63: Pakistan 160/4 (Shan 56* Rizwan 4*)        

Single from Shan into the off side, which can give Rizwan a chance to settle in. Woakes challenges him there – that was lovely, slips past the bat, just. One run off the over.

England's Stuart Broad, left, celebrates the dismissal of Pakistan's Asad Shafiq 

England’s Stuart Broad, left, celebrates the dismissal of Pakistan’s Asad Shafiq 



OVER 62: Pakistan 159/4 (Shan 55* Rizwan 4*)       

First boundary for a while, good square drive by Shan Masood. Then a single on the drive, fielded by the sub fielder Dan Lawrence with Broad off the field.


OVER 61: Pakistan 154/4 (Shan 50* Rizwan 4*)      

Close! Woakes gets one to shape away, almost looked like an edge it was that close. New bowler, same pressure. But finally runs! It’s taken what, half an hour? Rizwan off the mark with two to backward point. And then two more! Like buses, into the same area.


OVER 60: Pakistan 150/4 (Shan 50* Rizwan 0*)     

Make that seven maidens. This is good disciplined stuff from Shan Masood but how much longer can he hang in there for. Archer and Woakes starting to limber up.


OVER 59: Pakistan 150/4 (Shan 50* Rizwan 0*)    

Big appeal and given lbw! Rizwan reviews instantly, suggesting some bat. Was there? It’s caught him on the back pad about halfway up. He’s right, there’s some bat. Good review. Was only a faint edge but that’s all he needed.

Pakistan really toiling here. Another maiden, six in a row.


OVER 58: Pakistan 150/4 (Shan 50* Rizwan 0*)   

Nice from Jimmy, again. Just nips one past the bat, plenty of bounce.  One block into the deck from Shan. That’s the fifth maiden on the bounce for England.


OVER 57: Pakistan 150/4 (Shan 50* Rizwan 0*)  

Wicket maiden for Broad, then. Been some time since we had any runs, England on top.


WICKET! Asad c Stokes b Broad 7

Does seem a bit odd that we were lauding Azam’s talent after yesterday and then he exited in the first over. That’s the game, I guess.

These two out in the middle remain cautious but controlled. Asad looks for a single but retreats. But now he’s walking! Edged and taken by Stokes at second slip. England having a good morning here. FOW 150/4


OVER 56: Pakistan 150/3 (Shan 50* Asad 7*) 

Shan Masood impressing. Very patient start today and he’s faced a lot of deliveries, 170 now at the end of this over as Anderson bowls another maiden. Couldn’t tempt him into an errant stroke.


OVER 55: Pakistan 150/3 (Shan 50* Asad 7*)

Maiden for Broad. Nothing too tricky for Asad. Umpires notable checking on the bowlers’ footmarks, we’ve already had some sawdust brought out.


OVER 54: Pakistan 150/3 (Shan 50* Asad 7*)    

Nearly a mix-up between the batsmen. That’s the second bit of hesitation this morning. Super ball from Anderson, similar to the wicket delivery, fading away temptingly. 150 up for Pakistan with a single, maybe a half chance for a run out but nothing to dwell on.

How Jimmy got Babar.


OVER 53: Pakistan 149/3 (Shan 50* Asad 6*)   

England have been sharp in the field so far, nice block there by Sibley at extra cover. A maiden for Broad who is now 0-28.


OVER 52: Pakistan 149/3 (Shan 50* Asad 6*)  

Shafiq off the mark, bit of debate whether pad was involved but that’ll be runs. No doubt about the fourth ball, well nudged past point, outfield still fairly quick and it races away to the boundary.

Good work from Bess coming over from gully to cut off any more runs.


OVER 51: Pakistan 143/3 (Shan 50* Asad 0*) 

Big shout second ball for lbw. Root reviews! Looked close on first glance. Could be tight on height and angle. Bat involved though! Looked very tight, bat brushing the pad maybe?

Two runs for Masood, edging closer to that 50. And he gets it with a cut shot, patient knock for 50 off 156 balls with seven boundaries.

Re: that earlier review, it was going on to hit the stumps. Still wonder if the sound of bat on pad has foxed the third umpire there.

England's James Anderson (2nd R) celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Pakistan's Babar Azam 

England’s James Anderson (2nd R) celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Pakistan’s Babar Azam 



OVER 50: Pakistan 139/3 (Shan 46* Asad 0*)

Huge moment that with the last ball of the over. Broad’s turn now to find his first wicket as Shafiq comes in.


WICKET! Azam c Root b Anderson 69

Signs of some movement immediately, coming back into Azam. Heavy cloud above Old Trafford and the floodlights are on. Azam a bit eager for a single and then scampers back, no run.

But then he gets him! Root just about clings onto a catch at first slip, thickish edge. Anderson pounces and that’s a massive wicket. FOW 139/3


Here come the players

What a session this is. Pakistan can put England in real trouble. Anderson to start, although not from the James Anderson End, which is always a shame. Is it weirder to bowl towards an end named after you, or with it behind you?


Spotlight back on Buttler

Poor old Jos. Just as he seems to sort out his batting, he has a wicket-keeping moment to forget. But was it a harder chance than we’re giving him credit for?


No word of any delay, I should add

Still due to get underway at 11am BST. Not the most optimistic conditions but then it’s hardly Barbados down here in London either.

Wonder how England tackle Azam this morning early on, given he had very much settled in last night. More short stuff from Jofra? Will Broad find a burst? Can Anderson get some reward after a drop yesterday?

I’ve said all that and it will now definitely be Woakes. It’s always reliable Woakesy.


Manchester summer


Brilliant Babar

Highly recommend this piece from Tim Wigmore on the rise of Babar Azam, whose scoring since the start of 2018 has been quite something.

Since the start of 2018, Root averages 40 in Test cricket, Williamson 52, Kohli 53 and Smith 59. Babar has outdone them all: no Test batsman with more than 500 runs is averaging above Babar’s 65.5 in this period. 


England’s fast-bowling future

Scyld Berry on the succession plan, or lack of it so far this summer anyway.

Jofra Archer will almost certainly have to open the bowling for England in the next Ashes but he is not being given the chance to grow into the attack-leader; and, as third or fourth seamer, he is not curing his habit of starting a spell slowly without doing much by way of warming up.


Sir Geoffrey Boycott’s take on day one

He was impressed with the defensive work from Pakistan’s openers.

With the Dukes ball, murky skies and a fresh pitch, when a captain has four quality seamers in English conditions, batting is very hard work. The seamers are always fresh, they are at you and occasionally bowl magic balls that you hope you play and miss! You never feel you are in and it’s a struggle to score runs as you spend more time trying not to get out instead of scoring runs. Defence is absolutely crucial. 




Morning everyone

Hopefully the light is good enough this morning and not too dangerous… *shakes head*

Not an ideal start weather wise on Wednesday but a pretty close to an ideal start for Pakistan, you would have to say. Babar Azam is flying on 69* with Shan Masood providing plenty of fine support, chasing a seventh Test fifty.

Jofra Archer’s dismissal of Abid Ali looked spectacular but otherwise England’s bowling lacked something on day one. That will have to change to stop Pakistan building up a significant first innings score. Once again, England starting a little too slow for their liking.

At least their football tekkers (sorry) are up to scratch.


Silverwood lays down challenge for England

Head coach Chris Silverwood has challenged his England side to tighten up and reclaim the upper hand on day two of the first Test against Pakistan.

The home side made a strong start after being asked to bowl first in the series opener at Emirates Old Trafford, nipping out Abid Ali and Azhar Ali while conceding just 53 runs in the morning session.

That control fell away in the remainder of a rain-interrupted day, with Babar Azam batting beautifully for 69 not out to lead his side to 139 for two when bad light intervened.

Babar’s stylish knock deserved considerable praise, as did the obduracy of Shan Masood, who saw Jos Buttler spill a catch and a stumping as he batted through for 46no, but Silverwood saw plenty of room for improvement among the home attack.

“We started well, we asked a lot of good questions and beat the bat a lot, but after lunch we weren’t so good,” he conceded.

“We bowled too many four balls and gave the momentum back to Pakistan. They capitalised. We weren’t quite on the money when we went back out there and the challenge I’ve thrown out there in the dressing room to the boys is, if that happens again – and it will do because not everything goes our way all of the time – how do we wrestle things back?

“We know we’re up against very good batsmen. If we’re not on top of our game, they will take it away from us. It’s a timely reminder.

“I’d like to see a repeat of how we started in the morning, where we challenge the batsmen, get the ball in good areas and bring stumps into play to make it hard work for them.”

England's Chris Woakes, right, reacts after bowling a delivery to Pakistan's Shan Masood

England’s Chris Woakes, right, reacts after bowling a delivery to Pakistan’s Shan Masood

getty images

England’s most expensive bowler was their record wicket-taker James Anderson, who might have found his place under pressure had all-rounder Ben Stokes been fully fit to bowl.

As it was England retained four specialist seamers and picked Stokes as a batsman, but Anderson was short of his considerable best as Babar got going.

“He was struggling for a bit of rhythm,” admitted Silverwood of the 38-year-old.

“As a bowler I’ve felt that before, it happens, but what I’ve said to Jimmy is you’re only ever one ball from finding that rhythm again. When he does, we know how devastating he is.”

Silverwood later gave his tentative backing to a mooted England tour of Pakistan – a trip the national side last made 15 years ago.

They have not been back since the terror attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in 2009 but international cricket is slowly returning to the region. Pakistan Cricket Board chief executive Wasim Khan spoke on Wednesday about his hopes of England visiting as scheduled in 2022, if not before, and Silverwood is open to the idea.

“We are getting there. Personally I’d have no problem going,” he said.

“I’ve never been so it would be nice to go and have a look and I know our batsmen are looking forward to batting on their wickets.” PA


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