According to Reddit, popular Universal Studios attractions were closed too soon.
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Despite the fact that Universal Studios boasts a number of new attractions, Redditors still miss their favourite rides that have since closed, no matter how amazing the new ones are.


Since its opening in 2021 at Universal Studios Japan, Super Nintendo World has earned amazing reviews. Fans of theme parks in the United States are looking forward to the launch of a Nintendo-themed park in Hollywood in 2023, which will coincide with the premiere of the upcoming Mario film (per Nintendo). With so much change and expansion, it’s only natural for the parks to modify and close rides that prior visitors enjoyed.

Universal Studios theme parks have created and cancelled rides that people still miss since their opening in the 1990s. Park goers have flocked to Reddit to bemoan the closure of their favourite attractions, which will be remembered forever.

The Ride at Jurassic Park

While Jurassic Park: The Ride is still technically available in the Hollywood and Orlando parks, it has undergone aesthetic alterations that have left passengers yearning for the original. theuserjohnny on Reddit said, “For the last time, I went on Jurassic Park: The Ride. All of the rides I used to ride have now closed or been replaced.”

Although the Hollywood version of the attraction has only recently been renamed Jurassic World: The Ride, it is far more technologically advanced than its previous incarnation. Other Redditors felt that the current version is overly reliant on screens and lacks the thrills of the previous animatronics.

Studio Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon Studios was a significant draw for Universal since it allowed fans to watch their favourite live-action shows being filmed in person, which was a completely unique theme park experience. Weird Ad 4657, a Redditor, remembers the studio fondly, writing, “As a youngster, I remember going to Nickelodeon Studios! That was so much fun, I believed it was the pinnacle of all family holidays.”

The Adventures of Back to the Future

Back To The Future: The Ride, based on one of the most rewatchable films of the 1980s, was an instant hit at Universal Studios. When the theme park revealed that the attraction would close in 2007, fans were outraged. DopewiththeMost, a Redditor, stated, “In 2017, I visited Universal Studios for the first time with my partner. This was his favourite ride (because it was based on his favourite movie), and he was upset when it was shut down. He attended the final day and rode in the final ride. He will not ride the Simpsons ride…”

Despite the outrage from fans, the park has not announced intentions to bring the ride back, and it seems unlikely to do so given the franchise’s history.

The Art Of Making Movies by Alfred Hitchcock

The Art of Making Movies by Alfred Hitchcock was one of the park’s first attractions, although it wasn’t really a ride because it relied on audience engagement. Fans were disappointed when the attraction closed in 2003. “I went to this attraction as a kid, which started my passion for Alfred Hitchcock movies, and I still miss this attraction to this day,” Redditor FindNSeek1018 wrote.


Even though Jaws was one of Universal Studios’ longest-running rides, fans who made the experience a must-do during their visit couldn’t get enough of it. According to Redditor Johnsnowpump, “Jaws is a masterpiece and one of the most important films of the last 50 years. They could create something fantastic while still utilising Bruce. Why don’t they create Speilberg Land and store all of his belongings there?”

Despite the fact that Jaws is outmoded, Universal has yet to remove several other famous attractions based on older movies from the parks, leaving parkgoers unsatisfied.

A Walk Through Attraction for The Walking Dead

Fans were surprised to find that The Walking Dead – Walk Through Attraction would not be a permanent fixture at the park, given that the show is still delivering fantastic moments in season 11.

Gojirahawk, a Redditor, commented, “I’m not sure why they closed… I went through it recently and it had a great vibe. Maybe it’s a financial issue. Instead of animatronics, the walk-through required live actors in make-up.” The attraction was no longer practical because to Covid-19 limits in place for the majority of 2020 and 2021, and the site was repurposed.

The Dragon’s Quest

Dueling Dragons: A History of Ice and Fire, formerly Dragon’s Challenge, was a popular attraction in the Orlando park, but as Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter extended deeper into Islands of Adventure, the ride became off-theme. GazzerMcFly, a Redditor, stated of the closing, “I’m stunned… It was always a fantastic ride and a must-do on every visit…”

Following the closure of the ride, the park opted to demolish the dragons and reopen Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. While the dragons are sorely missing, park visitors are enjoying the new attraction, which has large lines.


When it first opened, Kongfrontation was one of Universal’s most thrilling and well-received rides. The coaster was ahead of its time and quickly became a popular attraction at the park. “To this day one of the greatest coasters ever produced,” Redditor BZI said. The excitement surrounding King Kong eventually went down, and The Mummy, Universal’s next great brand, took its place.

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