Korean dramas are getting bigger and ever since they started to release more diverse content other than the romantic genre, more people started to recognize the Korean industry. Even though there are many new series that are needed to be talked about, there is something that could never go out of fashion and that is the elite k-dramas. Time will pass away but there are some dreams that will maintain their popularity and dignity among people and that is because of how amazing they are. One of them is Suspicious Partner which was released in 2017 and still maintains the top rank in Korean dramas. 

It’s been a while since the audience has talked about the show and there are talks about Suspicious Partner Season 2. The series follows the perfect spice of thriller and romance that makes the show completely different from the rest of the show. Fans have appreciated the show and its storyline that is full of suspense and dramas. Even if the show falls is a Korean drama, which mainly defines itself as a romantic show among the world but still, Suspicious Partner is unlike romantic dreams and has more content to watch. 


Starring Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun as the main lead, the series initially came to the SBS. Later the show was made available on Netflix and it makes the show immensely popular among the people of the outside world. The show is rated among the top Korean dreams and has maintained its popularity ever since its release. After the show ended, fans started to think about the possible season 2. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about this Korean drama and will discuss everything about its possible season 2. If you are someone who loves this show then this article is for you. Here is everything that you need to know. 

 Suspicious Partner: A Popular K-drama!

Suspicious Partner is a Korean drama that follows two people and their lives following some rough incidents and how their love maintains till the end episodes. Starring Ji Chang-Wook as Noh Ji-Wook, who is an attorney and follows the suspicious case of the Korean court. Through the series we’ll come across how Kwon Ki-young has amazingly written the drama, matching the thriller and romance among the stars. 

The audience loved the show and appreciated how the show just matches with its title and becomes “Suspicious” as you move forward with the episodes. The show follows its storyline in the first season which includes 40 episodes and while it sounds a lot, it looks nothing as you move forward with the series. If you are a fan of romance, korean drama but want to experience something different with it then this show is perfect for you, You are not going to be disappointed.

Suspicious Partner is a standout among the rest of the Korean dreams and you will get why after watching the series. The show has worldwide popularity and you can clearly see that on the online ratings. You will feel how this show is a complete standout once you’ll watch it. As the show holds massive popularity, it is no wonder why the audience is so excited to watch its second season. 

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Suspicious Partner Season 2: Who will be back in the Show?

Suspicious Partner Season 2

Unlike the American dramas, Korean dreams are very limited to the story. As you have seen, romance has a completely different approach in Hollywood and while some people love that intense romance among the actors, many people rather prefer simple themes and cute romance. 

The main reason why the koran dreams became popular is how they represent itself truly with their traditions. It’s rather the storyline and the presentable theme that looks quite decent and attracts the audience to have some different tastes from the English dramas. 

We have already seen that the Hollywood series are filled up with characters but that isn’t the case in Korean dreams. The show majorly focuses on the main leads and rather has a secondary character in a limited amount. This provides the audience a brief about the story and focuses on a single person at a time. 

Starring Ji Chang-Wook as the main protagonist who is an attorney and following the path of his father’s job. On the contrary, we have Nam Ji-Hyun as Eun Bong-hee, prosecutor trainee at Ji-Wook’s office, and later joins certain cases with him. 

If there will be another season, it will probably follow these two’s stories on the screen. The audience has loved them and this will motivate the channel to bring these two back. Also, the Korean dreams rarely change their character in the second season so fans could clearly see them coming back as their role.

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Suspicious Partner Season 2: What will be the Storyline?

Suspicious Partner Season 2

The story starts with a rough incident that becomes a complete disaster for Bong-Hee. In a subway station, Bong-Hee encountered Ji-wook but while we all were fascinated it would be a flowerland and dreaming incident, it was rather a different thing that is also entertaining. Bong-Hee accused Ji-Wook as a molester and this makes him remember her till her life. 

Later she joins him as the senior in the Court where she was the trainee and taking the internship while he was the attorney and the senior head. As the clashes came forward, Ji-Wook generated a soft-corner for her and the series became a romantic one. 

On the other hand, the growing tension in the court led to the devastation of the series and it became a complete opposite of what is happening. Also, the case includes the life of the main character into it, and there comes a point where Ji-Wook completely loses his job. 

As the story moves forward, we’ll see how the series has beautifully blended the suspense and thriller in it. The second season will further follow these two characters, their romance, and the cases of the court. As for now, the officials have not yet covered the details and we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.

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Suspicious Partner Season 2: Is it Going To Release?

Suspicious Partner Season 2 updates

The first season of the series was released on 10 May 2017 and finally concluded on July 13 of the same year. The show was released on SBS and turned out to be one of the most popular series for the channel and also for the Korean entertainment world. After the show ended, fans started to look for the details of the upcoming series. 

Even though the officials have wrapped up the storyline on a satisfying note, fans are still looking for more seasons. After the dream landed on Netflix, it further increased the popularity of the show and the fans started to demand the Suspicious Partner Season 2.

The series has a massive fan base overseas and gives a quiet competition to the rest of the Korean dramas. Also, the crocs and online ratings are evident that the series has a lot of potentials to get another season. 

But the officials are not yet confirmed and that’s the reason why they haven’t released any statement regarding it. The Story of Suspicious Partner was concluded on a happy note and we see that the main leads are finally getting together. But the fans are not satisfied. Suspicious Partner Season 2 is already in talks but the viewers need to see that it is one of the rare cases when the show actually comes up with another season. This isn’t going to be the case for Suspicious Partner Season 2. The show isn’t going to happen, 

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