Sajid Javid takes action to solve shortage of high demand for HRT medication
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Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: “We are working to ensure HRT is available for everyone who needs it and I am pleased to see suppliers continuing to increase the supply of some products which is a testament to the collaborative approach being taken.”

“Meetings with suppliers are ongoing and we’re taking decisive action to manage HRT supply issues and reduce any delays – this includes issuing further SSPs so that women are able to access the medication they need.

The government has allowed pharmacists the flexibility to safely offer women substitute high-demand products – Oestrogel, Ovestin cream, Lenzetto transdermal spray and Sandrena gel sachets – with appropriate alternatives, such as transdermal patches, which are in good supply. 

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said that giving women the option to substitute products is a safe, effective way to ensure women can continue to manage their menopausal symptoms. 

Madelaine McTernan, the head of the HRT supply task force, said: “I am very encouraged by the constructive engagement across the sector and enthusiasm with which suppliers and pharmacists are looking to work with us to meet this challenge.

“Focusing both on measures that ensure we can use stocks most efficiently whilst also ensuring supply is increased is critical”.

The DHSC said the vast majority of HRT products remain available, and alternatives are available for any products affected by supply issues. 

Maria Caulfield, Minister for Women’s Health, said: “Improving supply stability is another key measure in increasing support for menopausal and per-menopausal women to improve their quality of life.

 “Women’s health is a priority for this government – we’re working around the clock to ensure supply of HRT is stable now, and in the long-term.”  

Anyone who has questions or concerns about HRT should speak to their GP or pharmacist.

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