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In a letter noting that President Joe Biden’s “mental decline and forgetfulness have become more apparent over the past two years,” a group of House Republicans is calling upon the leader of the free world to see whether he is mentally up for the job.

The letter from Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas and signed by 37 of his GOP colleagues, calls upon Biden, 79, to take a cognitive test as did former President Donald Trump.

In January, Biden said he had “no idea” why Americans doubt his competency after a poll was cited in which 48 percent of those surveyed doubted the president’s mental capacity, according to the Daily Mail.

Since then, Biden has had some troubling appearances, including one this month at Ironworkers Local 5 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

“I don’t want to get going because I’d keep you here too long because you know all what I’m about to, what I’ve said, and you know what I’ve done, and you know what we’re doing, and I know what you’re doing,” he said.


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Jackson said Biden needs to take a cognitive screening test and share the results with Americans.

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“My colleagues and I are again asking President Biden to immediately undergo a formal cognitive screening exam, such as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment,” Jackson said, according to Fox News.

“As a former physician to three Presidents of the United States, I know what it takes mentally and physically to execute the duties of Commander-in-Chief and Head of State,” continued Jackson, who was a White House doctor to former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Trump.

“Joe Biden has continually proven to me and to the world that something isn’t right. The American people deserve to have absolute confidence in their president’s cognitive ability,” he said.

Jackson’s letter said mental fitness is “not a partisan issue.”

“When I discussed taking a cognitive test with President Trump, he was eager to assure the American people and to put the fake news media’s stories to bed,” Jackson said, indicating that a test could be important to identify early stages of cognitive impairments, Fox reported. “Why won’t President Biden do the same?”

“We can only assume the worst if he doesn’t submit to the same standard that his own party demanded of the last administration,” he continued. “The precedent has been set.”


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The letter to Biden, in which the Republicans told the president they “are worried about your mental abilities,” listed the lawmakers’ concerns.

“While you underwent your annual physical exam on November 19, 2021, you either did not have a cognitive test or those results were withheld from the public,” the letter said.

“The Alzheimer’s Association lists ‘changes in mood and personality,’ including being more ‘easily upset’ as one of ten signs of mental decline,” the letter continued. “You displayed this type of mood change during a cabinet meeting on January 24, 2022, when you apparently did not know your microphone was on after finishing your opening remarks, and you called a White House reporter a ‘stupid son of a b****’ in response to a question he asked on inflation.”

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