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Instagram chef Kobe dishes up one million followers — and he’s only a year old

This kid’s cookin’ with gas.

Kobe is only a year old, but he has more than a million followers on Instagram who watch his baby-faced instructional videos — and virtually all have signed up in the past six weeks, CNN reported.

On the aptly named “Kobe Eats” series, the little guy tackles everything from family favorites like macaroni and cheese to international dishes like Turkish menemen — eggs in a garlicky tomato sauce.

“We started his Kobe Eats Instagram at the end of February,” mom Ashley Wian told the cable network. “He had about 200 followers till April 15 then it jumped! 100K, 200K, 500K … we definitely did not anticipate that!”

Kobe doesn’t talk a lot yet, though he does his share of tasting and gurgling, which are his way of giving commentary. One episode captured a big milestone for both the boy and his father, Kyle: Kobe said “Dada” for the first time.

Wian told CNN she started the series simply as a way to share Kobe’s kitchen antics with friends and family.

She admits her boy isn’t the tidiest in the kitchen, but happily cleans up after him because he’s learning so much.

“He investigates new ingredients, feels new textures, learns practical skills like pouring, scooping and measuring,” Wian told CNN. “Yes it gets messy but that’s it. A mess is just a mess! It can be cleaned! The memories we make will last forever.”

Source: NYPost

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