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Is Cobra Kai better Netflix Series Than Stranger Things?

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Cobra Kai and Stranger Things are American dramas focusing on the lives of a group of teens and their parents. The genres of both the series are quite different from each other yet; one show is better and has gathered the interest of the audience.

Talking about the two series, Cobra Kai is an action-comedy drama series based on the film The Karate Kid. The first part was released on YouTube Red (now on Netflix) in 2018 and, the second part was premiered in 2019.

In 2020, Netflix took over the series and, the 3rd part is all set to be released in 2021. Cobra Kai is based on the life of Johnny Lawrence. He is an unemployed guy without any aim in life. However, he gets a direction when he rescues a kid from some bullies. He decides to start Cobra Kai dojo with which his journey begins.

Stranger Things is a science-fiction horror created by The Duffer Brothers. It was aired on Netflix on July 15, 2016. There are 3 seasons of the show with a total of 25 episodes.

The story is set in a fictional town of Hawkins, where supernatural events take place when a boy suddenly disappears near the government laboratory. The family and the friends start seeking for the boy and unveil the dark secrets of the laboratory. The series is infused with a sense of pop culture.

Why Is Cobra Kai Better Than Stranger Things?

Is Cobra Kai better Netflix Series Than Stranger ThingsIs Cobra Kai better Netflix Series Than Stranger ThingsIs Cobra Kai better Netflix Series Than Stranger Things

 Stranger Things entertained the people quite well but, people are fonder of Cobra Kai. The essence of the ’80s in the series gives a feeling of nostalgia to the viewers.

Stranger Thing is set in modern time with kids in Ghostbusters costumes for a Halloween episode, and the Cobra Kai showcases its teen in vintage attire for a retro night at the roller rink. Cobra Kai has given the people a hunch of the old era that makes it feels like time travel.

Both shows are action dramas to some extent nevertheless; Cobra Kai has obtained brownie points in action. The action sequences of Cobra Kai are commendable and are truly enjoyed by the audience.

The dramatic touches of Cobra Kai are often more powerful as compared to Stranger Things. The stranger things bid goodbye with the death of a monster whereas, the Cobra Kai has strong drama and powerful action scenes that are fun.

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