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Joon Park Net Worth

Joon Park net worth: Joon Park is a Korean American singer and actor who has a net worth of $10 million. He is best known for being the leader of the Korean pop group g.o.d.

Joon Park was born in South Korea in July 1969. As an actor he has appeared films and TV series including Speed Racer, Dragonball Evolution, Hero: 108, Dark Blue, You Are My Destiny, Roommate, Animals, The Friends in Chiang Mai, I Can See Your Voice, TMI News, Stage K, Five Cranky Brothers, Super Hearer, Love Cells, and more. The group g.o.d. formed in 1999. They released their debut studio album Chapter 1 in 1999 and the album reached #5 in Korea. The group released the album Chapter 2 in 1999 which reached #4 in Korea. Their albums Chapter 3 in 2000 and Chapter 4 in 2001 reached #1 in Korea. Their album Chapter 5: Letter was released in 2002 and reached #4 in Korea. Their albums An Ordinary Day in 2004 and Into the Sky in 2005 reached #1 in Korea and their album Chapter 8 in 2014 reached #2. The group’s single “The Lone Duckling” reached #1 in Korea.

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