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Modern Love Podcast: Saoirse Ronan Reads ‘Grappling With the Language of Love’

In her essay “Grappling With the Language of Love,” Emily Robbins writes about her move from the United States to Syria in 2008. While studying Arabic there, Ms. Robbins met and fell in love with an Iraqi doctor who worked in a refugee camp. Though passionate, their relationship was circumscribed by their lack of a common language.

This week, the Modern Love podcast revisits Saoirse Ronan’s reading of Ms. Robbins’ moving essay about communication and connection.

Ms. Ronan is an actress. She won a Golden Globe for her performance in “Lady Bird” and has been nominated for four Academy Awards.

Ms. Robbins is the author of “A Word for Love,” a novel set in Syria just before the Civil War. Stay tuned after the reading to hear more from her, Ms. Ronan and the Modern Love editor Daniel Jones.

Source: NY times

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