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The mother of an 8-year-old Connecticut boy who was accused of intentionally lighting a younger child on fire in April not only denied those allegations but admonished the other child’s family for using the incident for financial gain.

Laura Giacobbe, 45, told the Daily Mail that the injured child, Dominick Krankall, had lit some gas on the ground on fire in their shared backyard. She also alleged that all of the children were lighting objects on fire when Krankall turned his back.

“Me and my brother and his brother told him not to step on it [a cup on fire]. He ran over and jumped on it and stomped on it and it exploded,” said Giacobbe’s 8-year-old son, who Krankall’s family accused of burning the younger boy in a bullying incident.

Earlier this month, Bridgeport police released surveillance footage that shows the boys covering a soccer ball in gasoline, lighting it on fire, and kicking it around. After being out of frame, Krankall then reappears with his face and hair on fire.

Police previously said they were investigating claims that four children were playing with gasoline and lighting objects on fire when Krankall suffered second and third-degree burns to his face and legs.

At the time of the April 24 incident, Krankall’s family told the media that Giacobbe’s son poured gas on a tennis ball, lit it on fire, and threw it at Krankall’s face. The older boy was also accused of watching as Krankall was burned.

The 8-year-old told the Daily Mail that he has lost friends over the allegations that he bullied and burned Krankall.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported that a GoFundMe campaign dedicated to covering Krankall’s medical bills has amassed nearly $600,000 — even though insurance covered the costs. Krankall’s mother, Maria Rua, told the news outlet that money has been used to move and purchase a new home which will be finalized next week.

“I don’t have access to the money. This is Dominick’s money. He is the one who went through this,” she said.

Rua also claimed that her family moved to a hotel due to death threats she and her family received after the incident. According to her, the threats continued even as they relocated to a relative’s home.

“Everyone is saying me and my family are liars. This is Dominick’s story this is what happened to him and I was not aware of what exactly happened until we got to the hospital,” she told the Daily Mail. “The video doesn’t show the entire story.”

Krankall was hospitalized for three weeks and continues to recover at home. Giacobbe accused Krankall’s mother of exploiting her son for financial gain, and suggested the GoFundMe donations should be given to a charity instead.

Giacobbe told the Daily Mail, “She needed a home to live in. She wanted to move into a home. She made that statement. She used my child to use him as a bully. We are very upset.”

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