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 We’re used to splitting our appearance into two sections: the internal (invisible) and the external (visible). However, we’re ignoring a critical element with this duality. There is another, lesser-known facet of our appearance—one we can’t easily see. 

This outward element of our being is a manifestation of energy. These manifestations appear in auras, which are colorful energy fields that emanate from all living things. Auras appear in different colors and strengths, depending on our mood and time in our lives. 

Our auras reveal our deepest feelings and intentions. These colorful energy fields visualize what our brains have yet to process. Of course, this information does not come easily. 

Indeed, auras are difficult to see with the naked eye. You can visualize your aura with the help of a professional reading, or you could try this mirror technique from TikTok

We can navigate our lives and relationships more thoughtfully once we figure out our aura’s color. Our auras bring us closer to our inner shadow selves, giving us greater confidence in our actions, emotions, and intentions. 

If someone’s ever told you that you’re the personification of sunshine, then you likely have a yellow aura.

The Yellow Aura Personality

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While auras can share similar hues, no two are exactly alike. Our unique personalities and life experiences shade our auras as a uniquely “you” color. But generally speaking, women with yellow auras tend to be optimistic, confident, and charismatic. 

Not everyone with a yellow aura is extroverted, but most are. Still, even introverted yellow auras tend to attract the attention of others. While it might make these shyer yellow auras nervous at first, their easy-going demeanor lets the anxiety roll off their back. 

Those with yellow auras tend to have a great deal of inner confidence. They are sure-footed and curious, which makes them excellent natural leaders. Women with yellow auras are not immune to insecurity. But on a foundational level, they are very self-assured. 

This assurance is due mainly to their overarching optimism. Yellow auras see the glass as half full, and they’re incredibly grateful the glass is there at all. These individuals see every day as an open doorway into a world of opportunity. Regardless of what’s waiting on the other side, they know they’ll be able to handle it. 

Where does all this self-confidence come from? The gut, of course—more specifically, the solar plexus.

The Yellow Aura And The Solar Plexus Chakra

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Understanding how a yellow aura influences our personality is one thing; knowing what a yellow aura means is another. Our body has seven chakras situated along our spine from crown to tailbone. Chakras are small, invisible hubs of energy from which auras radiate. 

Yellow auras emanate directly from the solar plexus chakra—Manipura in Sanskrit. This chakra is also called the navel chakra. Located on the spine behind the abdomen, the solar plexus chakra acts as the body’s powerhouse.

All chakras are energy hubs, but the solar plexus chakra is the biggest. The solar plexus chakra is a catalyst for action, progress, and change. It dictates our self-esteem, sense of purpose, and individual will. Physically, it controls digestion and metabolism. 

An out-of-balance solar plexus chakra manifests in several ways. Physical symptoms are easier to see. These manifest as digestive or eating disorders, ulcers, and poor nutrient absorption. The mental symptoms are harder to see but easy to feel. These look like aggression, poor self-esteem, lack of direction, and fear. 

Unsurprisingly, the balance of our yellow auras and solar plexus chakras have significant impacts on our home, love, and work lives.

The Love Life Of A Yellow Aura

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Women with yellow auras see all relationships as chances to improve themselves. Their charismatic energy makes them incredibly attractive, and they enjoy the attention. Those with yellow auras have very little trouble wooing potential suitors. 

Relationships with yellow auras are often lighthearted, exciting, and spontaneous. A sense of humor is vital to these individuals. However, their love of all things easy can make navigating long-term relationships difficult. 

These connections often come with conflicts of varying degrees. The uncomfortable aspects of intimacy can be unappealing to a woman with a yellow aura. Instead, they prefer to relish in the blithe newness of casual dating. 

Their chronic optimism can cause strife with those who lean on the gloomier side. Despite their charm, those with yellow auras struggle to empathize with negativity. Still, not everything is sunshine and rainbows all the time. The right partner can help someone with a yellow aura see that. 

Conversely, those with yellow auras are susceptible to those who wish to take advantage of their sunny demeanor. These people leech off the yellow aura’s energy, leaving the other person drained and defeated.

Careers For Yellow Auras

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Women with yellow auras thrive in professional settings that let them grow. These natural-born leaders cannot stand stagnancy. If a job doesn’t allow them the opportunity to expand their horizons, yellow aura individuals will grow agitated and restless. 

For this reason, women with yellow auras make great team members on start-up and humanitarian projects. These endeavors require patience, optimism, and endurance, all of which are in a yellow aura’s wheelhouse. 

Because of their curious minds, individuals with yellow auras also excel in areas of creativity and exploration. Their passion and drive work well within education, archeology, technology, and social justice efforts. 

Those with yellow auras don’t just need the space to grow. They also need a positive work environment. These lighthearted souls can’t handle persistent sadness and despair. Hospice care, social work, or food service aren’t compatible with a yellow aura’s temperament.

The Yellow Aura Aesthetic

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While we might not always see our auras, we can at least embody them. The most obvious way to do so is by surrounding yourself with yellow. This allows our external environment to reflect ourselves. In turn, we reinforce our aura’s energetic influence and our mind-body connection. 

Another great way to embody the yellow aura aesthetic is with the brightest yellow of them all: sunlight. Women with yellow auras prefer lots of natural lighting in their living space. They tend to wilt in dark, dreary environments. Large windows, ample outdoor space, and plenty of time in the sun are all essential for yellow aura people. 

Yellow auras are all about bold, bright, and passionate energy. They exude warmth, and their outer appearance reflects that. Indeed, women with yellow auras shine as brightly as the golden glow that surrounds them.

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