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A coroner has held back tears while handing down the findings of an inquest into a deadly stabbing rampage in Melbourne’s east in 2020.

The coroner found authorities had not missed any warning signs before the incident, responded in a timely manner, and used appropriate force when they shot the offender dead.

On March 11, 2020, Iraqi refugee Mohammed Ibrahim slashed a protective service officer in the face and arm with a knife at Jolimont train station.

On March 11, 2020, Iraqi refugee Mohammed Ibrahim stabbed multiple people in a random attack. (Nine)

Following the incident, Ibrahim travelled to Hawthorn, where Sally-Anne Wills and Ashlee Gunstone were sitting in a car outside their home.

As Wills opened her car door, the women saw Ibrahim standing there. He began stabbing Wills in the chest and neck.

Trying to save her from the attacker, Gunstone “threw” her body over her, while Ibrahim continued the attack, inflicting stab wounds to her back and neck.

Wills was moved to the nature strip and CPR was commenced, however she died at the scene.

Sally-Anne Wills and Ashlee Gunstone were both attacked by Mohammed Ibrahim. (Nine)

Before being taken to hospital, Gunstone gave police a description of Ibrahim and more officers were called in as the area was locked down.

His next victim, 59-year-old Christopher Polden, passed Ibrahim near High Street in Kew.

CCTV cameras showed Ibrahim approaching Polden from behind and having a short conversation with him.

He waited for a vehicle to pass and, without warning, stabbed Polden in the abdomen.

Polden immediately ran away from Ibrahim, called triple-zero, and provided a description of his attacker.

He died in the ambulance which was taking him to hospital.

The Critical Incident Response Team Officers closed in on Ibrahim in a laneway and officers demanded he drop his weapon and get on the ground.

He ignored these instructions and approached police, brandishing a knife.

Within two seconds, three police officers fired at Ibrahim, who immediately fell to the ground.

Mohammed Ibrahim stabbed 59-year-old Christopher Polden in Kew. (Nine)

Officers attempted to resuscitate him but he died.

Ben Wills, the brother of Sally-Anne, said it was still too painful to think about her final moments.

“We love the person she was and will now always be to us,” he said.

“Forever young at 30 years old.”

The 34-year-old was known to local police but not security agencies.

The coroner found the officers’ actions were appropriate and justified, and complied with their training and the relevant laws.

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