Professional pot-stirrer Azaelia Banks has lobbed a number of unfounded accusations against rapper Kanye West and his new flame Julia Fox, including allegations that the pair are “snorting” heroin. Banks, who has made numerous scandalous claims against celebrities – including claiming she had an affair with comedian Dave Chappelle that he later seemingly confirmed during a stand-up special. Here’s the “proof” Banks used to back up her bombastic accusations. 

Azaelia Banks Claims Kanye West Is ‘Snorting’ Heroin

Azaelia Banks posted alarming and shocking claims about Kanye West and Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox on her Instagram Stories this week, accusing the pair of “snorting dog food (heroin).” The accusations Banks lobbed against the “POWER” rapper are completely unverified and Banks provided zero evidence of her claims, though she did list a number of reasons why West had allegedly been doing heroin. Her post, which has already been deleted but was saved via screenshot, read:

“LOL Kanye is snorting dog food (heroin) with this girl already….It’s confirmed. Divorce, Virgil, grieving his mom + a dirty junkie who was shooting up while she was pregnant = calamity. Y’all gassing him now but gonna be calling him a dope head in three months.”

Julia Fox Has Admitted To Heroin Use Before, But Is Now Sober

The “girl” Banks is referencing is clearly Julia Fox, who West has been spending time with publicly since the two met on New Year’s Eve. Fox has spoken about her previous addiction to heroin and painkillers, though she has said that she is now sober, and has been since the overdose death of a friend. In an interview with the New Yorker last year, she explained, “After she died, I vowed, I’m never going to get high again, in her honor.”

For his part, West, who recently legally changed his name to Ye, has previously admitted to an opioid dependency following a liposuction procedure in 2018. He made the admission during a visit to the TMZ studios where he cited harassment his then-brother-in-law Rob Kardashian faced for being “fat.” Outside of that public confession, West has not admitted to any other drug use. 

Azaelia Banks has previously made true accusations against her fellow celebrities, including a claim that she slept with comedian Dave Chappelle, who is married. Chappelle seemingly confirmed the allegations during his Netflix special 8:46 in 2020. That being said, we’re not ready to believe her claims out of hand. After posting the Instagram Story, Banks uploaded a new post that featured several videos of her addressing West head-on, though she didn’t mention her allegations against him. 

Banks Isn’t Done With West Quite Yet

Instead, she blasted the rapper for apparently giving out her phone number and essentially accused him of being a deadbeat dad to his four children while simultaneously praising his estranged wife Kim Kardashian. She also mocked West for feuding with Taylor Swift, and joked that his scalp probably smells like “McNuggets” in reference to his well-publicized enjoyment of fast food in general and McDonald’s specifically.

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