Blue on Blue: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Tells Biden to Visit Migrant Hotel
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As President Joe Biden visits New York City for the United Nations General Assembly, Mayor Eric Adams suggested he visit the Roosevelt Hotel, which is housing thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens.

To see the impact of illegal immigration on New York City, Adams told NY1 News that Biden ought to visit the Roosevelt Hotel, which serves as a welcome center for thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens that continue arriving weekly to the sanctuary jurisdiction.

“There’s still an opportunity for him to look at the Roosevelt Hotel — like the Hispanic Congressional delegation did several days ago,” Adams said.

When members of the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, visited the Roosevelt Hotel, they were shouted down by protesters chanting “Close the border!” as they lobbied Biden to not stop the flow of illegal immigration but merely provide work permits to those released at the border.

Adams also said Biden must understand the economic impact that illegal immigration is having on New York City.

“I am hoping that he understands this beautiful city that’s the economic engine of the entire country is being saddled with $2 billion that we spent already, $5 billion we’re going to spend in this fiscal crisis, $12 billion in the next two budgetary cycles,” Adams said. “New York doesn’t deserve this. The asylum seekers don’t deserve this.”


Adams’ latest remarks come after he made national headlines when he declared to New Yorkers this month that illegal immigration “will destroy New York City.” Days later, Adams announced that city services would be cut across the board as a result.

Specifically, Adams is directing every city agency to make five percent budget cuts so New Yorkers can afford the $12 billion price tag that comes with the arrival of the more than 110,000 border crossers and illegal aliens that have arrived in the city since the spring of last year.

As – News reported, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is releasing more than 60,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities every month. Tens of thousands of those are ending up in New York City monthly.

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