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“The Stew Peters Show” has been banned from iHeartRadio without explanation. This comes after Spotify inexplicably banned the popular conservative radio host last fall.

Stew Peters, host of the popular radio show “The Stew Peters Show,” was recently banned and removed off iHeartRadio for no apparent reason.

Last fall, Spotify had removed him without explanation as well.

Peters is an America First patriot who speaks about topics such as COVID-19, election integrity and vaccine mandates.

Following the bans, Peters spoke out against the platforms for their blatant censorship.


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“iHeartRadio and Spotify have now shown the world, without shame, that they are the propaganda arm of the communist, globalist genocidal machine, hellbent on the destruction of freedom, Christianity and truth,” he said.

“Removing ‘The Stew Peters Show’ is a slap in the face of liberty-loving people around the globe, and a disgusting, shameful display of cowardice.”

“I highly doubt iHeartRadio and Spotify will be removing the propagandist lies and paid advertising from big pharmaceutical companies responsible for the real deaths of millions of people, which is indisputable proof that iHeartRadio and Spotify are willing to accept blood money in exchange for the killing of your fellow global citizens, neighbors, friends, loved ones and family.

“It’s a total disgrace,” Peters said.

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In August, Peters was permanently banned off Twitter shortly after reporting on the supposed deaths of 2 children among the 24,000 children in Australia who were herded into a large stadium to be forcibly vaccinated, National File previously reported.

“We are living in very dangerous times, and that danger is exasperated when masses of people tolerate tyranny,” Peters said.

Peters also pointed to a tweet he wrote explaining that the Biden White House, the CDC, the FDA, Moderna, Pfizer, the World Health Organization and Johnson & Johnson do not mandate vaccines. “I suspect it was prompted by this TRUTH,” Peters told National File, “Which had over 10,000 retweets in 12 hours.”

Peters remains on Telegram, as well as the free speech platform Gab, which has been growing in popularity in recent weeks.

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