THE fire in a Bronx apartment building was caused by a “malfunctioning” electric heater left in a bedroom, authorities said on Sunday.

In a press conference New York City mayor Eric Adams confirmed that nine of the 19 victims are children.

The fire started just before 11am on January 9, 2022, at 333 E 181st Street.

At least 60 people have reportedly been transported to hospitals with life-threatening injuries.

The most commonly reported injury for the victims so far is severe smoke inhalation.

According to the FDNY, the fire started in a third floor apartment.

The blaze has been described as the deadliest apartment building fire in 30 years.

NYPD sent out a tweet advising people to avoid the area.

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  • Hundreds of firefighters responded

    The Bronx fire at Twin Park apartments at 333 E 181st Street started just before 11am ET. Firefighters arrived at the scene within minutes of the initial 911 call.

    Approximately 200 firefighters were at the scene fighting the blaze and rescuing people who were trapped inside.

    The 120-unit affordable housing development is near Tiebout Avenue in the Tremont section of the Bronx.

  • Building didn’t have fire escapes

    Fire chief Thomas J. Richardson said the 19-floor building did not have fire escapes, just stairways inside.

    Many of the residents reportedly had trouble finding the exit due to the heavy smoke.

  • Red Cross is on the site

    Officials said on Sunday that the Red Cross is in the Bronx helping those who have been displaced after the fire.

    The displaced will reportedly stay in hotels.

  • Smoke inhalations caused high loss

    Fire chief Thomas J. Richardson added that the fire itself did not spread throughout the building, and it was the heavy smoke that caused injuries and deaths.

    “Thus the high loss of life,” said Richardson, adding there are people “fighting for their lives” all over Bronx hospitals.

  • Fire chief speaks

    NYC Fire chief Thomas J. Richardson said the fire started in a two-story apartment on the building’s second and third floors.

    He said a “malfunctioning space heater” in one of the bedrooms started the tragic incident.

    The fire consumed the apartment and part of the hallway.

    The apartment’s door was left open and smoke spread throughout the building.

  • Senator Schumer takes the stand

    The Senate Majority leader joined mayor Adams an gov Hochul as they gave updates on Sunday’s fire.

    Schumer said in times such as this, New York must come together and ideologies must be put aside.

  • Gov to establish victims’ fund

    Gov Hochul said she will direct her office to establish a victims’ compensation fund for those who suffered the fire.

    The funds will go towards housing and burial costs, among other things.

  • Gov says a woman ‘lost her entire family’

    New York governor Kathy Hochul spoke alongside mayor Eric Adams and said she met a woman who lost her entire family in the fire on Sunday.

  • Fire may have started from space heater

    “During a tragedy were going to be here for each other,” said the mayor.

    “There is more to be discovered,” as the investigation continues, he added.

    But so far authorities believe a space heater may have started the fire.

  • Firefighters risked their lives

    Mayor Adams informed that the firefighter’s “Oxygen tanks were empty and firefighters still pushed through the smoke” to help those trapped in the building.

    He confirmed nine of the victims are children.

  • ‘A very significant moment’

    A somber mayor Adams has just taken to the stand to give an update on the Bronx fire today.

    “We are facing a multitude of crises at once and we won’t succeed if we’re not united.”

  • NY governor to join mayor Adams

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul will join NYC Mayor Adams shortly for an update on the fire at a high-rise on East 181st Street in The Bronx on Sunday.

  • NYC Mayor Eric Adams provides update

    The NYC Mayor Eric Adams is now expected to provide an update on the deadly Bronx fire that claimed at least 19 lives, and injured at least 63 others.

    The fire happened this morning at around 11am.

  • Firefighter photographed rescuing baby

    A heroic firefighter was seen holding a baby to safety while victims were scattered on stretchers and others were treated by paramedics.

  • The scene

    Footage shows the apartment building engulfed in the blaze, as firefighters work to rescue victims trapped inside.

  • At least 63 injured

    63 people are now confirmed to be injured from the fire.

    19 others are dead, including nine children.

    The fire sparked at approximately 11am, and officials believe it started in a third floor apartment.

  • What area was affected?

    Traffic was stopped at 182st and Webster Avenue, in the Bronx.

    Shocking video footage shows smoke spewing out of the apartment building windows

    New York City’s Office of Emergency Management advised nearby residents on Twitter to “avoid smoke, close windows.”

    The 120-unit building is near Tiebout Avenue in the Tremont section of the Bronx.

  • What was the main cause of death among victims?

    FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro spoke at a press conference following the tragedy, stating that most of the victims succumbed to severe smoke inhalation.

    Firefighters “found victims on every floor and were taking them out in cardiac and respiratory arrest,” said Nigro.

    “That is unprecedented in our city. We expect there to be numerous fatalities.”

  • Over five dozen injured

    Senior Advisor to Mayor Eric Adams, Stefan Ringel, confirmed the death toll on Sunday afternoon.

    Along with the deceased, over five dozen people are injured with 13 still in critical condition at a local hospital, according to Ringel.

    “We expect there to be numerous fatalities,” said FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

  • ‘One of the worst fires’

    Officials have declared the Bronx apartment building blaze as “one of the worst fires” in New York City history.

    Is has been reported to be the deadliest apartment building fire in 30 years.

  • How many people have died?

    At least 19 victims have been confirmed dead after the fatal blaze this morning.

    Nine of the reported fatalities are children.

    It has been reported that 33 others have been hospitalized with life threatening injuries.

  • How many people are injured?

    According to reports, 33 people were transported to hospitals with life-threatening injuries.

    However, the total number of injured victims has not yet been confirmed.

    19 victims have been confirmed dead. Nine of the deceased are reportedly children.

  • What did the FDNY say?

    According to the FDNY, the blaze started in a third floor apartment.

    The FDNY said in a tweet: “Approximately 200 FDNY members are operating on scene of a 5-alarm fire at 333 East 181 Street in the Bronx.

    In a later update, the FDNY said 19 people had been treated at the scene with the others taken to five separate hospitals.

    FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro also said that the department does not believe the origin of the fire is suspicious, although it is not yet clear what caused it.

  • What did Mayor Eric Adams say?

    Mayor Eric Adams described the deadly inferno as “one of the worst fires we have witnessed here in modern times in the city of New York.”

    “The numbers are horrific,” said the Mayor.

  • What caused the fire?

    FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said that while the origin of the fire is currently unclear, it is “not suspicious.”

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