CHICAGO (WLS) — The new movie “Christmas Again” was shot in Chicago and it airs on the Disney Channel and Disney Plus starting Friday.

The movie is about a girl who has a magical twist of fate that opens her heart for the holidays.

Divorce, new couples, a future step mom and her annoying kid are all too much for Ro, played by Scarlett Estevez.

The film fantasy has her in a holiday version of “Groundhog Day,” living “Christmas Again” over and over until she gets it right.

I think I would describe Ro as a very mischievous, and headstrong person, but she’s also very loving and very caring of her family,” said Estevez.

“I think it was such a special experience because I’m from Los Angeles where there’s not very much change of the seasons. So to be able to be in Chicago during the Christmas time with all the snow and cold weather, it was so amazing and so fun,” said Estevez.

ABC7’s own Hosea Sanders has a small part in the film, playing an announcer who calls a hockey game and presents a raffle prize to Ro.

“It was so fun, that was so cool,” said Estevez. “You did great, you were awesome, you’re so fun to watch.

“Even though families do change sometimes, change is scary and change can be very different, but I think what I want people to take away that sometimes that change is good and it’s going to be for the better and it’s all going to be ok and yeah,” she added.

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