ABC Clayton Echard is selling his condo and moving to Phoenix.

Clayton Echard has finished filming his season of “The Bachelor” and he’s already making a pretty big move. The reality star handed out his last rose, and may or may not have gotten down on one knee on the finale, which will likely air sometime in March 2022.

“I did find love. As far as what that looks like, I think that’s where everyone has to tune in and find out. Because I’ll just say it was a wild ride and I did find it,” Echard told E! News after filming had ended.

Now, fans are wondering if Echard’s post-show behavior means that he’s making changes to be with the one that he loves. On his Instagram Stories, Echard revealed that he was moving out of his home state of Missouri, and heading to Phoenix, Arizona. While none of the women from his season are from Phoenix, fans are wondering if Echard’s already making future plans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Echard Moved Into His Brother’s Place in Phoenix

Echard packed up his car and headed out on the road, driving down to Phoenix and his new abode. Several people on Reddit have shared that Echard is moving into his brother’s place, as his brother got a job and had to relocate. Echard is supposedly going to live in the home until his brother’s lease is up, though it’s unclear how long that will be.

“His mom said it’s because his brother is moving out for a new job and he’s taking over his brothers lease. I don’t think it has anything to do with F1 or location wise. Just a new place and start,” one person commented on a thread about Echard’s move.

On December 28, 2021, Echard took to his Instagram Stories to let his followers know that he actually put his condo up for sale. He shared some photos, and revealed that he was selling his bachelor pad fully furnished.

Interestingly, some fans seem to think that the fact that the fact that he’s selling his place suggests that his move to Phoenix is temporary — and that he will eventually be moving in with the woman that he chose in the end.

Fans Think Echard Has Bigger Plans

Although Echard hasn’t revealed how long he plans on staying in Phoenix, it seems like his decision to sell his condo in Missouri means that he’s ready to make a big life change — whether that means he’s staying in Phoenix or moving somewhere else.

“People commenting that he’s ‘just taking over his brothers’ lease until it’s over’ are missing the fact that he’s selling his condo, and announcing it publicly, which has to mean he is moving somewhere for his F1,” one Redditor commented on another thread about Echard’s move.

“You don’t sell a condo to take over someone’s lease. He might just be making the move to LA to influence, my gut tells me it’s a better place than Missouri is,” someone else added.

“Depending on when his brother’s lease ends, it could be a smart move that frees him to move in with his F1 sooner rather than later,” a third comment read.

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