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CHICAGO (WLS) — A convicted killer’s appeal for a re-sentencing was denied by a Cook County judge Friday. David Biro is serving a life sentence for the 1990 murders he committed when he was 16.

It was an emotional day for the loved ones of Nancy and Richard Langert, the couple who was murdered in 1990 along with their unborn baby.

Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, Nancy’s sister, said the judge did the right thing and followed the law.

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Biro broke into the Langerts’ townhouse in Winnetka, waited for the couple to arrive home, then shot and killed them.

A judge ruled in the family’s favor Friday, denying a motion for Biro to receive a new sentence when it comes to the murder charge of that unborn child.

An earlier Supreme Court case from Alabama created the possibility for the motion when the court ruled it unconstitutional for a juvenile to be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

But the judge said the facts of this case are different, and this ruling means Biro will remain in prison for life.

“It was more emotional than I thought it would be,” Bishop Jenkins said. “I was optimistic coming in here today, but I definitely felt tremendous wave of relief and emotion.”

Biro and his attorneys have made several unsuccessful attempts at different motions and appeals to shorten his life sentence. And after another one today, loved ones are hoping this is the last time they have to come back to this courthouse.

“The hardest part for murder victim’s family members is you get re-traumatized every time that you have to go back and re-live what happened,” Bishop Jenkins said.

Now with a sense of peace that Biro will remain behind bars for life, Bishop Jenkins and her family will continue moving on the way Nancy and Richard would want them to.

“She spoke of the importance of love,” Bishop Jenkins said, “and so I have made it my goal every single day since then to live love embodied the way they were.”

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