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A MAN, who says he is the father of Alexis Aliva’s ex says his family wants custody of Avila’s baby who she allegedly tossed into a dumpster.

Oscar Astorga, said his 16-year-old son, Stephen, had no idea is ex-girlfriend, Avila, 18, was pregnant until she gave birth last week and was caught abandoning her child in a dumpster.

Alexis Avila is accused of dumping her newborn baby in a dumpster


Alexis Avila is accused of dumping her newborn baby in a dumpster
Oscar Astorga said his son, Stephen, had no idea Avila was pregnant


Oscar Astorga said his son, Stephen, had no idea Avila was pregnantCredit: Facebook

Now, Astorga says his family wants custody.

“Of course we’re trying to get custody,” Astorga told the Daily Mail. “Of course.”

“He is my grandson. That’s why we can’t comment on anything because we’re trying to get my grandson.”

Astorga said that since the video went viral, he and his family have been receiving death threats.

“There’s a lot of people on social media that been sending death threats to our family. We haven’t done anything wrong.”

He said his family has nothing to hide but that they can’t comment on the situation at this moment.

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According to text messages between Stephen and a friend, the teen believed that Avila had miscarried and didn’t know he was going to be a father until she was arrested for dumping the baby.

The Astorga family was hired a lawyer to help them get custody of the baby, who is currently in the care of the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department at a hospital in Lubbock, Texas.

Astorga, 50, said the family is doing everything they can to give the baby, who they’ve named Saul, a home.

He said the news of the baby and him being a grandfather had come as a huge school. “When you don’t know and then all of a sudden someone calls you? It’s like wow.”

Astorga added: I’d like to tell you a lot of things. I’m a God-fearing man. I just can’t comment right now.”

Stephen had broken up with Avila in August 2021. The teen claims the mother of his child said she suffered a miscarriage.

However, Saul was born in the bathroom of his grandparents’ home in Hobbs last Friday.


Avila claimed she had no idea she was pregnant, only realizing something was wrong when she experienced abdominal pains.

The mother has been charged with attempted murder and a felony count of child abuse. She is due to appear in court Wednesday in Lovington, New Mexico for a detention hearing. 

Avila told cops she panicked after giving birth. She had wrapped her newborn son in a bowl and drove him to the Broadmoor Shopping mall in downtown Hobbs.

It was there that she was seen on camera throwing the baby in a dumpster behind Rig Outfitters. She hopped back in her white Volkswagen Jetta and drove off.

Saul was discovered five hours later after three dumpster divers believed they heard a cat mewing. 

April Meadow, one of the people who found Saul, wrapped the baby in her coat, telling the operator that the newborn was “freezing cold.”

Saul was taken to a hospital in Hobbs before being transferred to a more advanced NICU unit in Lubbock.

Doctors gave him a blood transfusion and put him on a feeding tube and oxygen. The baby’s body temperature was so low, possible due to hypothermia.

On Monday, police said the baby was in stable condition.

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