Democrats, Corporate Media Politically Bungle Another School Shooting
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Watching Democrats and the corporate media blow themselves up in the wake of another school shooting is now the norm.

As far as the media, forget all the facts they’ve already gotten and will continue to get wrong. These fascists haven’t cared about truth for years.

No, what I’m talking about is the political bungling.

We all know what Democrats want—to disarm us. That’s why they refuse to secure these schools. The more school shootings, the more emotional blackmail Democrats have to disarm us with. There aren’t a lot of mass school shootings. Your kids have more to worry about from a lightning strike. Ah, but that’s where the corporate media come in…

The media not only lie about the number of school shootings (LOL!), the media encourage more school shootings by giving school shooters all the incentive they need to shoot up schools: days and days and days of non-stop, 24/7 coverage.

CNN: You want to shake up the world for a few days and feel like a someone?


CNN: Shoot up a school.

You see, the media have the same goal as Democrats: to disarm the American people for the reasons all tyrants (like Hitler) disarm people: to make us helpless so they can consolidate their power by violating our rights.

And this is where they keep bungling it…

With the midterms less than six months away, these desperate and bubbled elites are in a total panic, and because of that panic, they have whipped out the same tired, old, school-shooting playbook that has failed so many times before.

That’s how desperate they are to change the subject from His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s coming recession, his record inflation, his record gas prices, his disastrous surrender in Afghanistan, the collapse of our southern border, and the explosion of violent crime in cities where Democrats rule without opposition.

So here’s what always happens to Democrats and their media…

School shooting. Yay!

Gun-grabbing Playbook. Yay!

Backlash. What the hell happened?




Rinse, wash, repeat…

Democrats might think they have Republicans on defense, but they don’t…

We have our own media now. Better still, the law, facts, compassion, truth, and common sense are on our side.

Once the mindless DO-SOMETHING, passion recedes and is replaced with reason, the American people will come to the same conclusion they always come to: Someone else does something, and you want to take away my rights? Oh, and it’s time to secure the schools because disarming the law-abiding won’t disarm evil. Duh. Okay, let’s get back to the cost of gas and groceries.

But there’s something else going on here…

Democrats and the corporate media believe they are winding up their demoralized base to come out and vote in November. But…

How eager will the base be to vote when yet another gun control push fails spectacularly, even though Democrats are in charge of Washington, DC?

Democrats are once again chasing an artificial sugar high that will once again result in a terrible backlash and demoralized base.

Oh, and gun sales are about to explode again, which is the one positive that always results from these awful, awful (but very rare) mass school shootings.

Oh, and don’t forget this.


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