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Disgraced RINO Congressman Van Taylor of Texas, who dropped out of his re-election bid for Congress after NATIONAL FILE first reported that he had an affair with an ISIS bride, now finds his life in shambles. Perhaps Van Taylor regrets voting to establish the January 6 Commission targeting Trump supporters. After the publication of our report, Van Taylor was held to below 50 percent in his primary race and forced into a runoff. Van Taylor decided to drop out of the race, seeing no way forward amid the scandal. Van Taylor’s life is in shambles now. NATIONAL FILE and this reporter Patrick Howley previously broke the Cal Cunningham adultery scandal that plagued his failed Democrat Senate campaign, and the John Merrill affair that was confirmed by Merrill, who is not running for U.S. Senate in Alabama. Trump-endorsed candidate Mo Brooks is expected to win the Alabama Senate race.

Van Taylor’s wife Ann Coolidge Taylor said merely that she is standing by her husband “for the moment,” indicating that their marital situation could change. This situation mirrors the Cunningham affair, when sources told us that Cal Cunningham was sleeping at his sister’s house in the final frenzied days of his failed Senate campaign. The situation also mirrors that of Hunter Biden’s breakup with his wife after I co-authored the 2015 series of articles exposing Hunter Biden’s Ashley Madison account on a site for men looking to have extramarital affairs.

Tania Joya, the ISIS bride from whom Van Taylor requested a “slow rim job,” is telling her story. Tania Joya did an interview with the Daily Mail and she is clearly not going to remain silent as this scandal intensifies. Joya said that “For me it was making love, but for him it was just sex. Whenever he was in town, four, five times a night, he was all over me…There were no flowers, no gifts. He didn’t take me on a single date in eight months. He was like, no, I’m too famous, everywhere I go I get harassed.” Joya said “He could not keep his dick in his pants.”

Joya mocked Van Taylo in the Daily Mail interview, saying “nobody under 55 knows who he is.” Joya said that “A couple of times, like Christmas, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, he gave me cash, $500 a time. That was it. ‘I said, wow, it feels like you’re paying me for sex. It made me cringe but he claimed he was too busy to buy gifts and didn’t want the paper trail on his credit card. One person said to me, ‘you’re his booty call. I didn’t really know what that was because I’d been MIA for ten years in the Middle East…He thought it was really cool that he was having sex with the First Lady of ISIS.”

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Source: National File

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