Dr. Oz Narrowly Leads Three-Way Race
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A recent poll in the Pennsylvania Republican primary for U.S. Senate puts Dr. Mehmet Oz narrowly in the lead for what now looks like a three-way race among the top contenders.

According to the Trafalgar Group poll, Dr. Mehmet Oz holds the top spot, with 24.5 percent of support, while Kathy Barnette trails closely behind him, with 23.2 percent of support. Dave McCormick stands in third with just 21.6 percent of support. Way down in fourth and below double-digits, Jeff Bartos has a meager 7.2 percent of support, while Carla Sands has only 6.5 percent.

Conducted between May 5 – 8 with a 2.99 percent margin of error, the survey questioned 1,080 likely Republican voters. A full 15 percent remain undecided, and should more candidates drop from the race, the numbers for any of the top contenders would likely go up.

Mostly due to his celebrity and the endorsement from former President Donald Trump, Dr. Mehmet Oz has continuously held the top slot, though his grip has been slipping in recent weeks as conservatives question his fealty to issues like abortion and gender indoctrination, not to mention his dual-citizenship with Turkey. As Breitbart News profiled over the weekend, the celebrity doctor was met with more than a fair share of boos during an appearance at a Trump rally over the weekend:

Trump brought his “Save America” rally series to Pennsylvania in support of Oz’s candidacy for U.S. Senate. Along with Trump, Ohio Republican Senate nominee J.D. Vance, Rep. John Joyce (R-PA), Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), Jim Bognet, Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV), Dinesh D’Souza, Mike Lindell, and Oz were slated to speak at Friday night’s rally.

However, Oz faced boos from the crowd before he took the stage. According to the rally’s attendees, the crowd booed Oz as his ads played on screen.

“I have yet to meet anyone here who is a firm supporter of Dr. Oz. In fact, there’s a whole section of people that boos every time he appears on screen,” Huffington Post reporter Daniel Marans tweeted.

Meanwhile, Kathy Barnette’s star power has been steadily rising with conservatives and the MAGA Trump base, especially after releasing her powerful video in which she decried abortion by citing her own beginnings as a child conceived in rape when her mother was just age 11.

“I’m the byproduct of rape. My mother was eleven when I was conceived,” she tweeted. “In the world the Left desires, I would never have been born. We need leaders with a steady hand to direct our nation through these difficult discussions.”

Later, during a debate, Barnette hit Dr. Oz over his past statements in favor of abortion, although he has since claimed to have changed his mind in favor of the pro-life cause.

“It was very disturbing when I saw Mehmet Oz running for this particular race, when I’ve seen him on numerous occasions and specifically at the Breakfast Club, saying that my life was nothing more than an acorn with electrical currents,” she said.

The Republican primary for the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat will take place on May 17.

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